Welcome to Emilia Brasier Photography

22 Jan

Welcome to Emilia Brasier Photography. I have been taking photos  since I can remember and I love it. I love getting in close, I love experimenting with motion, I love trying to catch special moments. I love getting out on my own where it is quiet and trying to find something to capture. I hope that you have fun exploring my photographs. I am starting out on a journey that quite frankly scares me. I have been scared for years to share my photography but I am starting off this new year with the idea in mind that I need to push through my fears of imperfection which has been causing paralysis of action for so long. So I hope that you will be happy to join me by viewing my photos and taking them for what they are even with the imperfections.

Emilia Brasier


2 Responses to “Welcome to Emilia Brasier Photography”

  1. nexi January 29, 2012 at 3:05 pm #

    I like the focus on this – thanks for calling in on mine and all the best with your photos!


  1. The Learning of Photography « Emilia Brasier Photography - June 27, 2012

    […] whenever we (my mom or I) have one out they want to get their hands on it. As I have talked about previously my Mom was the biggest teacher of photography that I had and most of the learning occurred while on […]

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