In Honor of my Father

15 Feb

My Father is turning 65 years old this year (his birthday is February 16). He is man who has had many jobs but one love and that is for music. He still plays and is the organizer for a weekly jam session in Salem, Oregon where people can show up and play acoustically. His passion for music and ability to follow his dream, of performing, for so many years has helped me to push forward and put my photography out there.

Today’s photos will be of him doing what he loves, playing music. I wish he still had the band that he had from before I was born until I was in college but for now I have be content knowing that he was able to pass on a drive to do something I love.

He is pictured playing with my Uncle whom he has played with on and off for many years. They put on an amazing show in Corning, New York many years ago (at least that is the story I am told,  I was not alive yet) that sold out (called In Congress which became a record by the same title made at the performance). My Father and Uncle wrote songs together and when my Dad goes back to visit they still find time to play together.

After moving to Oregon my Father formed the band Wooden Music which for a time also included my Mother playing flute. Wooden Music was a great band that played many concerts and put out at least two recordings that I am aware of. They played on live radio and for benefit concerts. They played yearly at the Oregon State Fair during the life of the band. It would have been lovely if I had been able to photograph my Father in that band!

Here he is playing with his brother for their Mother’s 90th birthday bash. Happy Birthday Dad! I hope that you continue to play music!

For more photographs of people see my People page. See more at my other pages: Details and Flora and Fauna.


3 Responses to “In Honor of my Father”

  1. Indah Susanti April 28, 2014 at 10:24 am #

    Beautiful shots of your father and his music activity! Love the lighting and composition. These are special and sweet presents from a child 🙂


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