Tulip Fields

6 Mar

I have been going to the Tulip Fest at Wooden Shoe Tulip Farms in Woodburn, Oregon since I can remember. My Mom took me there as a small child and took photographs of me frolicking in amongst the flowers (or scowling, not sure which is more accurate). I have also attended every year since my first child was born and am so looking forward to going again this year.

As for these photographs, most of them were taken last year on April 7 during a day that I spent remember my best friend who had passed away 7 months before (April 7 would have been her 30th birthday). She and I had gone to the field with our children together for a few years and so I felt like it was a great stop to make on that day. I spent some time taking photographs and getting very muddy and hoping that it would not start pouring on me :).

The tulips were coming up late last year so there was a lot of green in the field but I still enjoyed photographing it!

Tulip time is coming up again soon and I am excited to go to the field again 🙂

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Check my Flora and Fauna page for more flower photos 🙂

4 Responses to “Tulip Fields”

  1. Squishy March 9, 2012 at 9:09 am #

    This was all so very pretty!!! Thank you for sharing =D

    The Squishy Monster


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