Sun and Snow

14 Mar

The last week was a strange one weather wise. The Portland, Oregon area is known for it’s overcast skies and rain but snow is not something that usually happens in March. We went from having one of the nicest days with a high of 63 and blue skies to snow just a few days later. Here are a couple of photographs that I took on each of those days.

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The first was taken at Steigerwald Wildlife Refuge. This is a really nice flat walk where on this day my children and I saw many people out for a stroll or birdwatching.

Some of the first signs of spring were seen there including a Pussy Willow tree of some sort and a little bee.

Less than a week later in the middle of March much to our shock we got a couple of inches of snow. This little red flower was coming up in my yard and was beautiful next to the white snow. I also saw these cute little succulents hiding next to our fountain sheltered from the snow by a tree.

What signs of spring have you been seeing lately?

Check out more flower and nature photograph at my Flora and Fauna page.


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