The Learning of Photography

27 Jun

Today is the start of a new project that involves myself, my 5 year old son (AB), 2 year old daughter (AK), and my Mom (Grandma). We are going to do an inter-generational photography learning project that will aim to help all of us learn more about photography, have fun taking pictures, and see what cuteness occurs.

Both of my children are very interested in cameras and whenever we (my mom or I) have one out they want to get their hands on it. As I have talked about previously my Mom was the biggest teacher of photography that I had and most of the learning occurred while on hikes or during other outings.

We are going to have “challenges” where each of us goes out and takes photos of something specific and then submits a photo for this blog. Due to time constraints this will most likely occur on a monthly basis or possibly every two weeks.

I plan to have the theme of each project be something super simple that even my 2 year old can understand and then to use that time to talk about other concepts in photography (very simply), much more of that will happen with my 5 year old but I did want to include my daughter because she already shows such an interest in the camera. My hope is that my Mom will be able to be there while we are shooting but if not she will submit photos separately.

I thought it would be fun to see the world through 4 people with such different placement in the world. So here is our first batch of photos. There is a caption on each on to show who took it. (Except mine).

My son took his photos with out much guidance from me this time while my daughter did have some help with placing the camera a good distance away for the lens that she was using (for the columbine photos).

So those labeled AK are taken by my 2 year old. AB were taken by my 5 year old. NO label taken by myself. Jennifer/Grandma taken by my Mom.

These were all taken at Schreiner’s Iris Garden.

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