Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

9 Nov

Every fall the city of Camas drains Lacamas Lake. Why do they do this? I am not entirely sure why they drain the lake, but I suspect it is to prepare for the rainy season, clean the lake out, and do any repairs that need to be done on the bridge and dam.

This year I was able to take a walk in the empty lake on a day that my daughter and son were both in school. I have a few posts coming up that will have pictures from the lake.  These three in particular fit very well with the theme renewal so I thought I would share them for this weeks photo challenge.

I think it is amazing how this little tree is making its start directly out of the stump of this dead tree. Also note that usually the lake is filled all the way up to the green tree line that you see in the first picture. Life’s delicate balance for sure.

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One Response to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal”

  1. Arcena November 10, 2012 at 12:50 pm #

    Hi Emilia,

    I’m really enjoying your photos. Great job. What an adventure – walking where a lake usually is.


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