Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

14 Dec

Today was a tragic day following another tragedy only a few days ago in Portland, Oregon. These two events: the shooting at Clackamas Town Center in Portland just blocks from my husbands office, the mall I almost visited with my daughter the afternoon of the shooting, and today’s shooting at Sandy Hook in Connecticut are reminders of how delicate life is.

These events hit me hard. I think these ones hit me harder than others because of the proximity that Clackamas is to me and the age of the victims in today’s shooting. My son is in kindergarten. I feel so much for the parents of the 20 children killed today.

I feel powerless to keep my children protected, these are events that took place in places we normally do not think twice going to. There is nothing I can do about these events except pay respects to those lost.

When I was kid I remember my Mom taking me to a few candle light vigils. I think lighting a candle and watching it, feeling the warmth it brings for a while, and how it flutters and can so easily blown out is a metaphor for the life these people had.

So I lit a candle for each of this weeks victims and each of the shooters. All of these souls lost. 20 children. I know this does not actually give comfort to the friends or family of these people who are gone from this world but it gives me something small to do. I hope that everyone can find something to do, light at least one candle yourself if you are comfortable doing so. My love and thoughts go out to these families.


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  1. senimahar May 18, 2013 at 7:30 am #

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