Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

11 Apr

A few weeks ago my grandparents were visiting from the east coast and so we headed out to the coast on a wonderful sunny day. Probably as nice as it ever gets at the Oregon coast in fact. We also took a side trip to a little garden called the Connie Hansen Garden in Lincoln City and I took a few quick photos of the flowers. My son was getting rambunctious and so I invited him to take a few as well. We talked a bit about which lens he would like to use (did he want to get really really close to the things he took a picture of or be further away). He decided he wanted to be a further away.

Of course my daughter was also invited to take a turn with the camera and we talked about how to make sure she was pointing at the things she wanted in the picture and how to focus the camera. After my daughter finished I asked my mom to take a few pictures but I have to say she was distracted by my son the whole time because he was so anxious to start taking more pictures. So she only tried a few times and was using strange equipment (my camera not hers).

It was fun to see what each of us spotted and how we decided to use the lens that I had available. There was a lot of color as it is spring here so we mostly took pictures of the flowers but my Mom and son took pictures of people too. 🙂

We finally had time all together with a camera to do another inter-generational photography post.

I hope that you enjoy the different perspectives that were found between the youngest and the oldest. Enjoy the color that is beginning to get into full swing here on the west coast of the USA.

The first set of photos was taking by my son:

This second set was taking by my daughter:

The next set of photos were taking by my Mom:

Finally the photos I took. Next time I should let my Mom spring a session like this on me:)

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