Tryon Creek: Part 3 Trillium

13 May

At last I make it to the post with the Trillium. Trillium are a three petaled and three leafed flower that range in color from white to purple. They are beautiful and one of the first flowers to show during spring. They are also protected and dwindling. One great place to find them is at Tryon Creek although I have found them just south of my home at Round lake and Lacamas Lake as well. Every year there is a Trillium Festival and sale at Tryon Creek and it happened to be going on when I was there on the 7th of April.

It was raining for much of the morning the day I went to Tryon creek so although I hit a sunny patch while I was there the Trillium were very wet and many were damaged. They were still lovely.

You can visit the post Tryon Creek Part 1 and Tryon Creek Part 2 if you would like to see more from that hike.

2 Responses to “Tryon Creek: Part 3 Trillium”


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