Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

1 Aug

A few weeks ago I went camping and hiking with my family. We traveled over to the Mount Adams National Forest area by Trout Lake and went on a hike that was really beautiful. Although the up close view of Mt. Adams was amazing the most striking thing to me was these flowers that were covering parts of the forest floor. They were especially prevalent in an area of the forest that had been burned in a forest fire a year or two ago. Although I could have probably spent the entire day just photographing these flowers I did not have that luxury but I did get a few minutes to stop and photograph them on the way back along with my Mom and my Uncle.

I think that nature itself is a masterpiece and all you need to do is take a minute to stop and look. Here is my photo representing masterpiece, and I do plan on post more from this 15 minutes by the side of the road as well as the rest of the trip…stay tuned 😉


One Response to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece”

  1. janalinesmalman August 8, 2013 at 12:19 pm #

    This is such a beautiful sight! I would also be able to spend hours trying to get as many photos from different angles as I could! Lovely photo!

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