Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

29 Aug

The wordpress weekly photo challenge topic this week is Focus, I thought I better get around to showing some more of the photos from my camping trip to the Mount Adams National Forest area.

These photos were taken on a hike at Bird Creak Meadows near Trout Lake. I went on the trip with my Mom, Aunt, Uncle, and of course me children. I have to say that my focus was mostly on my children during the hike, but because I had three other adults I was able to spend a few beats taking photographs of the amazing scenery. We hiked through clouds of mosquitoes (I even ended up having to take benedryl that night due to the number of bites I had and the fact that I have slightly more reaction than the average bear) to a little picnic table that is now sunken down so much that the benches are basically on the ground. The view at the picnic table was amazing. The side of Mount Adams right there.

After a break for lunch we continued on over quite a bit of snow that was not the easiest to venture across with my 3 year old, but we made it. The overlook was situated on a cliff so much attention was paid to the kids, but the mountain view was amazing. As we ventured back down through the snow we discovered a field of flowers and took some time to take them in.

As we descended we were again met with mosquitoes, but they were worth it. The drive back down toward Trout Lake through the unpaved quite bumpy road took us through a forest that had been met with a forest fire a year or two ago. I don’t know if the fire allowed for a carpet of bear tail flowers to sprout up with abundance or if they always have done that here, but they were beautiful. I wish I had more time to stay and really think about how I was taking the photos of them, but instead I took the photos impulsively and urgently because the kids were waiting in the car with their Great Aunt.

One Response to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus”

  1. elPadawan August 29, 2013 at 10:51 pm #

    Three and already hiking? Nice :). Those views are amazing, nice take on the challenge 🙂

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