Weekly Photography Challenge: Silhouette

22 Aug


My grandparents live on Seneca lake and have for many years. They have a wonderful house that includes a beach house and dock. I remember when we visited them as a kid and they did not live at that house, but at that point my other grandparents lived on Seneca lake.

Needless to say the lake has a huge place in my memory. My children recently got the chance to visit with me (which they have done before, but neither really remembered) and experience the swimming, sailing, late night dinners on the beach as the sun sets, fire flies, and family.


My mom cuddling my daughter on a bench at a vineyard after a farm to table dinner. Watching the moon rise.

I hope they remember this visit and feel that upstate New York is as much a part of them as I feel it is of me.


Supermoon of August rising over Seneca Lake.

This was a bittersweet visit, as it is our last one we will share this experience on Seneca lake as a family. My grandparents have decided it is time for them to move on and into a place where someone else gets to do the upkeep.

I will miss summers that include this lake and these large family get togethers.

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