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Oregon Wedding Photography: Details

3 Sep

Last weekend I went down to Yachats, Oregon to photograph a wedding at the Yachats Inn. It was a typical summer day for the Oregon coast with wind, cool weather, and overcast skies. 

Today I am sharing a few of the photographs from the wedding. These are all detail shots, photographs of the flowers and rings. 


Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

11 Aug

This week I am sharing with you one shot, two ways. I just got done editing these engagement photos. I found that many, many of these contained framing and re-framing (therefore at least one shot, two ways…if not one shot, a dozen ways).



This was a fun photo shoot with two good friends who enjoy Portland a lot. They really wanted to head out to the Rose Gardens near the Japanese Garden in Washington park so we went out there on a wonderful sunny evening. They also really like dancing so near the end we did a few shots (well I took more than a few, because it is hard to get them at exactly the right second when they are moving that much) of them dancing the Tango and Fox Trot (maybe?) to music courtesy of a smartphone (technology these days is great right). It really helped clear the area and got a few on-lookers from a far. It was by far the most fun part of the shoot.

Well I hope that you all enjoy the shots and that they make you want to visit the Rose Gardens. 🙂

Below is a gallery with even more from the shoot…

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Follow along with the photo challenge here.

Such A Cutie

24 Jun

This little guy is a little past a year old. He is the son of a life long friend of mine. These photos were taken during a wedding reception we were all attending for another friend. He was sitting there so nicely I just could NOT resist taking his picture even though it was in the opposite direction of the wedding festivities!

See other photos of people on the People Page.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

30 May

This weeks photo challenge topic is summer. Since it is not technically summer yet I am mostly looking to past photographs to help show you what makes me feel like it is summer.

Here are some of the things that I found that help me to feel like it is summer.

This is a photo that I took while sailing with my Aunt and Uncle on their boat on Seneca Lake. I have visited upstate New York almost every other year since I was born because most of my relatives live there. Taking to the lake on a sail boat is perfect in the hot and sticky summers that happen there.

In case you couldn’t tell, the next thing that tells me it is summer is a wedding. I loved this wedding in particular for a few reasons. First because this is a couple that has played a very important part in my life. Secondly, this couple spent a long time making sure that getting married was the right step for them so I know that they are very happy together and that getting married was a very good thing for them. The last reason is that I just loved that the Bride and Bride’s Maids all came in to the ceremony on canoe! How cool. Plus the entire wedding party ventured on a hike down a steep dusty path so they could take photos in front of a waterfall near by. So cool.

The last thing that tells me it is summer is a vegetable garden. Here is a picture of some kale from my raised beds.

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