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Extra(ordinary): Weekly Photography Challenge

21 Oct

I am choosing this weeks photography challenge to make what to me is an extraordinary announcement, but to many is probably more of an extra-ordinary one. I have taken the leap into selling my photography! I have been very nervous about doing this and have spent time (years in fact) waffling about it, but finally have taken the plunge despite feeling extremely anxious about putting my work out into the world in this way.

It has taken me years of time grappling with anxiety and trepidation to finally sort through and choose from the different options for putting my photographs online for sale. I am hopeful that I will find support for doing this and my trepidation over loosing the love of photography. I am starting slow and will be adding to the site frequently. My facebook page will be updated immediately with new photographs that are made available. So head over to that page and like it, www.facebook.com/emiliabrasierphotography.

For my first offered photograph I chose one that I started with here on wordpress, because after all this time it remains one of my favorite photographs especially when combine with another four that I took at the same time. Thank you for following me this far in my photographic journey and watching me make this leap. I hope you continue along and maybe consider supporting me by sharing with your friends. 🙂

close up photograph of a peacock

Here is where to see my photograph for sale, and check out all the options from prints to pillows!

Thank you for putting up with my extra(ordinary) announcement for this weekly photography challenge post!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

20 Jun

When I was at the Oregon Coast last I took a little time to take some photographs of the ocean. There were a few pictures there I have been meaning to share and it looks like they fit in wonderfully with this photo challenge. There is a wonderful curve to the shore line here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you enjoy the photos and that everyone has a great weekend! 🙂

Modified Style Portland: Clothing Swap

17 Feb

Sometimes things happy with such serendipity. Like the opportunity to do some photography for this wonderful fundraiser in Portland called Modified Style.  Modified Style raises money for three different organizations in Portland: Sisters of the Road, The Pixie Project, and Bark. They hold a fashion show where designers create new designs out of found and donated scrap fabric. Cool right?

I would never have known about this awesome benefit in Portland except that a girl that I went to elementary school with forwarded me an e-mail she received from another person we went to elementary school with who now is Vice President of Modified Style. This women was reaching out to find people to donate to the cause.

Well years ago my father played in benefit concerts for Sisters of the Road (his band played in this benefit show many different years). I figured that this would be a great project for me to find a way to include myself in. I e-mailed Amy (the Vice President of Modified Style) and told her that I would love to volunteer possibly doing photography or anything else they needed.

They eventually did need a photographer for the clothing swap they were having. I attended this fun party and took pictures. I have to say this event was a ton of fun and I am so glad I got to go. The darkness made shooting difficult and the clothing swappers were so serious!

Here are a few of the photos from the event. If you live in the Portland area I encourage you to check out Modified Style.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

15 Oct

While out at the Portland, Oregon Belmont Street fair to photograph with PDX Kids Calendar I saw people surrounding this large exhibit. It celebrates the creative craft in Portland, Oregon by showing off different ways that people craft in PDX. The sign says Crafted Portland and each letter was made to represent a different craft from locally roasted coffee, to local beer, and even music this was an eclectic group of letters as it should be because Portland is nothing but eclectic in both craft and people.





Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

3 Aug

Ugh sorry I am so behind on these! Here is my dream post…mostly because I had been really wanting to stop on the 205 bridge going over the Columbia and photograph Mt Hood for a long time, I day dreamed about it whenever there was a sunset or really great dark clouds with evening sun. I finally just stopped and took a few photos, from the inside of my car (windows open) because I was kind of scared to get out. Maybe at some point I will walk across the pedestrian part of the bridge and take photos but it runs through the middle of the bridge so I think cars would be in any shots I could take 😦

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