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Maine: Part 1

23 Dec


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I took these pictures on my recent trip to Maine. I went with my family who travels there yearly to catch the last days of fall travel in Bar Harbor. This year the National Parks were closed due to the non-functional National government so we got to experience things differently this year, or so I am told. It was my first trip and I had four days of camping, short hikes, and eating. It is a very strange thing to not have my kids along on a trip and not be in charge of organization or planning a day. It made me feel a bit like a kid again.

The views were beautiful and the weather was amazing. On this day we may or may not have walked on a closed forest road to get to a little beach my family calls pebble beach or stone beach, but they were not sure that was the real name. This beach is covered in rocks that get tumbled by the ocean and are very smooth. They feel great, and the sound of the waves washing over them and rolling back out to see is very relaxing. On the walk out to the beach we happened upon a beautiful bald eagle overlooking the ocean.

I am also fitting this post into the weekly photo challenge which is ONE, well there was one bald eagle, one stone, and one pear pictured in the photos for this post. I hope you enjoy them. ūüôā


Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

17 May

This week on the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge the word was pattern. I got to go to the beach this last weekend and spend time beach combing for a photo with pattern in it.


Feel free to browse around and see previous entries for the photo challenge. Have a good weekend!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

6 Jul

This moment reminds me of the wonderful Oregon coast and the fleeting moments of sunshine that occur there throughout the year. I am also reminded that this age of my children’s lives are going to come and go so quickly that the moments will all feel quite fleeting.

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