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Photography Challenge: Rule of Thirds

25 Feb


Macro photograph plum blossom

Macro photography of tree blossom

Macro photography of lichen in Vancouver, Washington

Last weekend was amazingly spring like. So much so that up in Vancouver, Washington the trees have been tricked into thinking it is in fact spring. They have blossomed and are showing off their beauty. Even though I have been fighting a cold for going on forever I could not keep myself inside and took a few minutes to photograph these beautiful blossoms with my macro lens, it is impossible to tell, but these are trees situated in a movie theater parking lot.

It is a nice break from the wintery weather to have a weekend full of sun and flowers. 🙂

These photographs worked out quite well to demonstrate the weekly photography challenge rule of thirds. Enjoy!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

19 Mar

This week I am sharing some photos taken with my phone. I have found that seeing flowers on the verge of opening up to the spring weather had been making me feel very happy and like escaping the inside to explore the world outside.

As I have been outside a lot more, with and without my children, I have been capturing the objects of my happiness as I see them revealing what is inside those tight little buds.

So here is my contribution to the challenge inside with a bit of phonography.


This photograph was taken from inside a parking garage in the Pearl district of Portland.


This photograph shows off the buds very nicely as well as the bloom itself now opened to show the inside opened up to the sunshine.


Last, a beautiful pink bloom.

I know a lot of the USA is still covered in snow, or experiencing winter weather, but here in Portland, Oregon my photography is starting to awaken to the spring again.  🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

22 May

As you can probably gather by now (especially if you follow me) photography itself is one of my escapes. The following photographs were taken one night when I looked out the window after the kids had just fallen asleep and I noticed that our yard was alight with the setting sun. I grabbed my camera and took a mini escape while the sun was making its escape to the other side of the world for the night. I have to say this had been such a beautiful spring day I did not want to let the sun go but it descended while I took in as much of its warmth as I possibly could.

I hope that you too can feel that warm golden, fiery sun, and make a mini escape into these photos. 🙂

You can join in the photo challenge here and stop by and see my photographs from previous weeks at the Weekly Photo Challenge Page up at the top.

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