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Japanese Maple Tree: WPC Intricate

6 May

Camas Library Maple Tree

Japanese Maple at the Camas Library 2

Japanese Maple in Downtown Camas, Washtington

This week I am sharing a few photographs of a Japanese maple tree that is in Camas, Washington outside the public library. When the leaves were just coming out this spring I stopped by and took a photograph with my phone, but I liked it so much I really wanted to return and take a few photographs with my DLSR camera as well.

Maple tree Camas WA 2

I ended up not editing them right away, because I have been busy with my projects for Brasier Law, and now that I had time to edit them I am having to make do with software apps on an HP computer rather than my old trusty Apple. 😦 After 8 years my MacBook finally bit the dust and so I am readjusting and figuring out how to edit my photographs in different programs. I may end up going to back to Adobe here soon, but for now I am experimenting with some other programs. Nothing is comparing to good old photoshop elements so far.

Photograph Spring Maple Leave Downtown Camas, Washington

So anyway feel like this tree has so many intricacies that it really fit the bill for this weeks photography challenge from WordPress. The bark, the leaves, the colors, the sunlight, nature just really knows how to perform doesn’t it?

Anyway, happy hump day!

Lovely 4 Year Old

10 Nov

This little photo shoot was a lot of fun. I can’t believe my little one is 4 and that means officially not in the realm of toddler anymore. We took her 4 year photos at the park and she insisted that Ariel wanted her picture taken also. She also loved exploring the park in hope of finding a caterpillar.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

29 Oct



seneca3  senecasailboats  senecaclouds  seneca2  seneca1These are all photos I took during my trip to New York that I recently returned from. My Grandparents live on Seneca Lake, which is one of the finger lakes. They have a small sail boat that they still sail, at least when they have another person to ride with them.

I also visited Corning, New York where my other Grandmother lives, which is where the photo of the bridge was taken.

That’s all for now, but I still have a few more photos from New York and a few I want to share from Maine!

Girls Night Out Camas, WA

28 Oct

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are photos from the Camas, Washington Girls Night Out, which is a fundraiser for Pink Lemonade a breast cancer foundation, and a fun way to go out with friends. If you live in the area I recommend this as a fun evening out with friends. I volunteered for this event as a remembrance of my best friend Margaret Swank Straub, whom died three years ago, at the age of 28, from breast cancer. Last minute I was asked to switch from photographing the women in shops to photographing the models as they entered the runway, this was a new experience for me and there were a lot of changes from the time I arrived until the end of the night.

I photographed the runway show, with some last minute changes from photographing the models inside on the runway instead of outside right before entering the runway, because it was pouring rain. I was born and raised in Oregon and I even thought that rain storm was too much to walk through.

We did still photograph all of the models under the cover of the Liberty Theater after the runway show. Thankfully, the rain had let up quite a bit by that time. Next time I will need to take a ladder for this size group so I can really make sure to get everyone in the shot. The balloons also fought me on this point.

This was a fun event to join in and I hope to be involved again next year. I learned a lot about photographing this style of event during this venture.

Next up my trip to New York!
🙂 Emilia

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