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Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

30 May




I had some difficulty getting to the game this week, but I managed to be inspired at the last second. My kids were playing with a kaleidoscope and were twisting the end to see the different patterns.

I finally got a turn myself and decided I could use my tiny phone camera to capture the beauty through the little eye hole.

Have a good weekend! 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

21 Mar

Happy Friday everyone. I am looking forward to these weekend because I get to head to the Coast for a bit. Before I go I thought I would leave you with some photographs of flower. I took these last summer at Lewis & Clark College, where I attended college. I go running at Lewis & Clark every week and last summer I managed to arrive about an hour early.


I almost always find photography to be an outlet and time for reflection and for some reason being at my Alma mater really makes me start reflecting on the past ten years of my life since graduating. During my time at Lewis & Clark I had the privilege of going overseas to Kenya and Tanzania.


While I was there the Twin Towers and Pentagon were attacked. I have to say that reflecting back on that time, I can really see how lucky I was to be where I was during that attack.


I have a completely different perspective than most Americans about that event and the direction our country has taken since.

redandorangebloom4I like that I get to return to Lewis & Clark often and reflect on my time there and my life since.

beeeating1Have a wonderful weekend, I hope you find some time for reflection this weekend. 🙂 You can connect up with the WordPress weekly photo challenge also if you want to join in the fun. 🙂



Maine: Part 4 Sunset

20 Jan

So these sunset pictures were actually taken on my first night in Maine, but it seems more appropriate for them to be the finial post due to the symbolism involved with sunsets. A couple of these were posted with a weekly photo challenge a while back, but due to their beauty I am including them with the rest of the ones that were not posted originally.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is one of the best sunsets I have witnessed in  a long time, save for the one we saw the previous night, which we viewed while driving out of Corning, New York. If we had not been in the car I would have photographed that one as well. I am glad this night provided a gorgeous sunset to photography over the Atlantic Ocean in Maine. 🙂

Frosty Mornings

11 Dec

We have had some really frosty mornings lately, during one of the first of these I took the dog out for a walk and saw just how beautiful everything was. I could not resist going back in for my camera.





A hydrangea that was still hanging on, covered in frost.

A hydrangea that was still hanging on, covered in frost.

The frost made this normally really ugly and mundane deer net really interesting to my eyes.

The frost made this normally really ugly and mundane deer net really interesting to my eyes.

Frost covered blueberry leaf.

Frost covered blueberry leaf.

Frost covered blueberry leaf.

Frost covered blueberry leaf.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

11 Apr

A few weeks ago my grandparents were visiting from the east coast and so we headed out to the coast on a wonderful sunny day. Probably as nice as it ever gets at the Oregon coast in fact. We also took a side trip to a little garden called the Connie Hansen Garden in Lincoln City and I took a few quick photos of the flowers. My son was getting rambunctious and so I invited him to take a few as well. We talked a bit about which lens he would like to use (did he want to get really really close to the things he took a picture of or be further away). He decided he wanted to be a further away.

Of course my daughter was also invited to take a turn with the camera and we talked about how to make sure she was pointing at the things she wanted in the picture and how to focus the camera. After my daughter finished I asked my mom to take a few pictures but I have to say she was distracted by my son the whole time because he was so anxious to start taking more pictures. So she only tried a few times and was using strange equipment (my camera not hers).

It was fun to see what each of us spotted and how we decided to use the lens that I had available. There was a lot of color as it is spring here so we mostly took pictures of the flowers but my Mom and son took pictures of people too. 🙂

We finally had time all together with a camera to do another inter-generational photography post.

I hope that you enjoy the different perspectives that were found between the youngest and the oldest. Enjoy the color that is beginning to get into full swing here on the west coast of the USA.

The first set of photos was taking by my son:

This second set was taking by my daughter:

The next set of photos were taking by my Mom:

Finally the photos I took. Next time I should let my Mom spring a session like this on me:)

Pins and Needles

29 Oct

Last week I put up some pictures for the Weekly Photo Challenge that were for the theme merge. I had one that was from the same set of photos that didn’t quite fit with the theme. It looks more like a pin cushion to me. I still like the photo and so after thinking about it for a bit I decided I want to post it even though it is similar to ones posted last week.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

10 May

Focus is such an important part of photography, it can both really really hurt your photograph or aid in creating mood, context, and overall creativity. I have definitely had my share of blurry photographs or getting the part of the photograph that I want in focus out of focus when I wanted something else out of focus. I do however love when I find a way to use focus creatively.

One of my favorite photos due to the feel and the colors is unfocused but shows speed, color, and is wonderfully abstract.

Another photo that is unfocused also uses speed to show motion and get a neat effect.

I hope you enjoyed these unfocused photos! This was an interesting photo challenge to do! Check out past weeks here and sign up to follow me so you don’t miss out on more 🙂

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