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Photographs of Portland, Oregon Bernie Sanders Rally

23 Jan

Today in Portland, Oregon there was a rally in support of presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. The event took place in downtown Portland at Pioneer Courthouse Square. Despite the rain there were many in attendance and some really great speakers who were obviously passionate and optimistic about the cause. As I usually do I donned my camera and took photographs while enjoying the event.

As this weeks photography challenge is optimistic, I thought I would share some photos of this optimistic crowd.




Event Photography: Vancouver, WA Girlfriends Run for a Cure 2015

13 Oct Photograph of racers in Girlfriends Run for a Cure

Last year I ran my first half marathon in honor of my best friend Margaret who died of breast cancer when she was 29 years old leaving behind two small children. I was also running for a friend from my first Mom’s group Jen who had been going though breast cancer treatment for months by October (go #teamunicornfarts). My Grandmother had also had breast cancer twice, but luckily it seems treatments helped her.

The race that I ran was called the Girlfriends Race for a Cure, put on in Vancouver, WA and it benefits more than one breast cancer group including Komen, the Kearney Breast Cancer Center through the pink brigade (men who have raised at least $500, the only way for men to participate), and the Children’s Center through the kids mini marathon.

Well unfortunately I have not been running as much this past year and was not up to running the race this year, but that made it possible for me to help out by taking photographs of the race when the volunteer coordinator for Why Racing, Kristi Cornwell, asked if I was available.

So in honor of my friends and family, the struggle they have both endured and succumbed to I did my own kind of 1/2 marathon this year, a photography marathon. 😉 I spent nearly 5 hours photographing the evening in downtown Vancouver, Washington which spans from Northwest Personal training, to the downtown farmers market, the Columbia River Esplanade, Fort Vancouver, and back. I did my own small share of running to try and make it to each of these spots on the course ahead of the bulk of the runners, but I was helped by a car for much of it. 🙂

The course is beautiful and it is such a supportive event, I was happy to be there in this role this year and we will see what next year brings.

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Weekly Photography Challenge: Sign

8 Oct

This last weekend was my fifth year participating in the Discover Pink walk in honor of my best friend Margaret. Here are a few photos from that walk.sign3Below you see our yearly umbrella encircled with signs.



I want to add, the portrait of Margaret used on the umbrella and in our signs is by Becky Straub she is a great portrait photographer in Portland who also was very close with Margaret.

Girls Night Out Camas, WA

28 Oct

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These are photos from the Camas, Washington Girls Night Out, which is a fundraiser for Pink Lemonade a breast cancer foundation, and a fun way to go out with friends. If you live in the area I recommend this as a fun evening out with friends. I volunteered for this event as a remembrance of my best friend Margaret Swank Straub, whom died three years ago, at the age of 28, from breast cancer. Last minute I was asked to switch from photographing the women in shops to photographing the models as they entered the runway, this was a new experience for me and there were a lot of changes from the time I arrived until the end of the night.

I photographed the runway show, with some last minute changes from photographing the models inside on the runway instead of outside right before entering the runway, because it was pouring rain. I was born and raised in Oregon and I even thought that rain storm was too much to walk through.

We did still photograph all of the models under the cover of the Liberty Theater after the runway show. Thankfully, the rain had let up quite a bit by that time. Next time I will need to take a ladder for this size group so I can really make sure to get everyone in the shot. The balloons also fought me on this point.

This was a fun event to join in and I hope to be involved again next year. I learned a lot about photographing this style of event during this venture.

Next up my trip to New York!
🙂 Emilia

Modified Style Portland: Clothing Swap

17 Feb

Sometimes things happy with such serendipity. Like the opportunity to do some photography for this wonderful fundraiser in Portland called Modified Style.  Modified Style raises money for three different organizations in Portland: Sisters of the Road, The Pixie Project, and Bark. They hold a fashion show where designers create new designs out of found and donated scrap fabric. Cool right?

I would never have known about this awesome benefit in Portland except that a girl that I went to elementary school with forwarded me an e-mail she received from another person we went to elementary school with who now is Vice President of Modified Style. This women was reaching out to find people to donate to the cause.

Well years ago my father played in benefit concerts for Sisters of the Road (his band played in this benefit show many different years). I figured that this would be a great project for me to find a way to include myself in. I e-mailed Amy (the Vice President of Modified Style) and told her that I would love to volunteer possibly doing photography or anything else they needed.

They eventually did need a photographer for the clothing swap they were having. I attended this fun party and took pictures. I have to say this event was a ton of fun and I am so glad I got to go. The darkness made shooting difficult and the clothing swappers were so serious!

Here are a few of the photos from the event. If you live in the Portland area I encourage you to check out Modified Style.

Bleeding Hearts of Spring

15 May

IIt is the time of year again that bleeding hearts are out and showing their appearance. This is a photograph I took in my Mother’s garden during a previous spring. The light was marvelous. I only had a small camera usually made for snapshots but it performed rather remarkably.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

11 Apr

This is the path that I took my most recent journey on. It is Round Lake, which is a part of the Lacamas Lake hiking trails. They are fantastic trails to walk, run, or bike. I am looking forward to seeing the Camas Lilies in bloom soon. There is a whole field of them that look like they should be making an appearance in the next couple of weeks.

Singing in the Rain: Salem Dancing in the Street

17 Feb

This last weekend we went down to visit my Mom and wish my Dad a happy birthday. My Mom was excited to go to an event in downtown Salem that was designed to get people to show their love for the capital city of Oregon.

Ahead of time people were to go online and learn a few simple dance moves and then descend upon downtown Salem and dance to the song Singing in the Rain on Saturday to show their love for Salem. There was also a small stage at the front of the dancing crowd that had a variety of dancers with different styles each for very short segments of the song.

My kids enjoy this kind of thing and so does my Mom (I enjoy the opportunity to take out my camera). My Mom, husband, and two small children set off to participate, watch, and photograph this fun little event.

It was a bit difficult to keep a good eye on my 2 year old and take photographs but I did my best. My mom helped out some and so did my husband although he was up on top of the parking garage watching with my 5 year old most of the time.

Look at all the umbrellas!

According the people holding the event this is the most famous man in Salem…Gerry Frank.

Check back tomorrow for part two (my favorite part of the day and photographically).

Part 2

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