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Oregon Wedding Photography: Details

3 Sep

Last weekend I went down to Yachats, Oregon to photograph a wedding at the Yachats Inn. It was a typical summer day for the Oregon coast with wind, cool weather, and overcast skies. 

Today I am sharing a few of the photographs from the wedding. These are all detail shots, photographs of the flowers and rings. 

Rock Garden at Lewis & Clark College

28 Jun

Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon is a campus full of beauty, from the reflection pool with a view of Mt. Hood, to old stone carriage paths, and the beautiful manor house. Recently I was visiting my old alma mater while helping a friend photograph an engagement session and noticed they revamped an area with a beautiful rock garden. I of course had to return and photograph the flowers there.

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Weekly Photography Challenge: Off Season

17 Jun

rose photograph in Camas, Washington

Camas, Washington has a lot of roses that are growing in various parks. They are a flower that is natural to the area in certain varieties. They bloom in the late spring and now are losing their petals. Soon they will start forming rose hips that turn red and orange in the fall.

This photograph is of one of these roses after having lost its petals, in it’s off season. It can be really interesting to take a closer look at flowers after their showy days are over.

You too can join the weekly photography challenge at the WordPress postaday just follow the link.

Orange Photograph Collection: WP Challenge 2

12 Mar photograph of an orange poppy with grey background

Here is a collection of orange photographs from my site over the years. I had fun going back and seeing what I had taken photographs of that featured orange. It was amazing to me how many photographs I had that were dominated by the color orange.

There are photographs from all over the country also: Portland, Neskowin, & Salem, Oregon, Camas & Vancouver, Washington, Maine, and New York.

The photographs include portraits, events, sunsets, landscapes, and of course flowers. 🙂

I hope you enjoy looking back at my collection of orange photographs from the past as much as I did. Have a good week!

If you want to join the weekly photography challenge check out post a day.

Tryon Creek: Part 1

30 Apr

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On April 7 I celebrated my best friend’s birthday (she would have been 32) by walking at Tryon Creek State Park. It was a wonderful day with sunlight peaking through clouds and trees allowing beautiful “treats” to pop out at me. These little pansies, ferns, and the bright green moss covered path were just beautiful.

I will post more from this walk soon so check back to see photos of the trillium a true gem of this park, salmon berry flowers, and more. Check my recent weekly photo challenge UP to see the woodpecker that I saw on that walk.


25 Apr

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A while a go I went on a drive through the Oregon country and just loved the light and the dark clouds. I pulled over to take some pictures hoping I would like at least one. I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for when I started the drive but I think I am ok with what I happened upon.

I also went to the Woodburn Tulip Field in Oregon recently and tried to take a few pictures while my children were running around with me. I actually really liked the daffodils that were in bloom while we were there so I took pictures of them more that of the tulips. 🙂

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