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Weekly Photography Challenge: Reward

3 Mar


I took this photograph of my cutie checking out this daffodil she planted last fall. This was a part of a school wide garden project that has rewarded the kids and parents by blooming already.

I took this week’s photograph on my phone and used a new photo editing app called Snapseed to make adjustments. I have yet to decide if I like the application a whole lot, but it is fun to play with.

You can check out more of my weekly photography challenge entries in the tab above and if you want to join the challenge you can sign up to get challenge notice at WordPress post a day.


Tryon Creek: Part 3 Trillium

13 May

At last I make it to the post with the Trillium. Trillium are a three petaled and three leafed flower that range in color from white to purple. They are beautiful and one of the first flowers to show during spring. They are also protected and dwindling. One great place to find them is at Tryon Creek although I have found them just south of my home at Round lake and Lacamas Lake as well. Every year there is a Trillium Festival and sale at Tryon Creek and it happened to be going on when I was there on the 7th of April.

It was raining for much of the morning the day I went to Tryon creek so although I hit a sunny patch while I was there the Trillium were very wet and many were damaged. They were still lovely.

You can visit the post Tryon Creek Part 1 and Tryon Creek Part 2 if you would like to see more from that hike.

Phoneology Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunch

20 Mar

Lunch at my house has become a bit more difficult recently. My husband and son found out they are allergic to wheat and dairy so things like sandwiches are out of the question.

Many days I have been throwing together random left overs into salads. This is a picture that I would not post here except for the photo challenge, but here it is…


It was tasty. My kids each picked their own toppings from the options we had.

A while after lunch I was lucky enough yo spend some time running on a path near my hinge and catching glimpses of spring.


Clover patch along a stream at Round Lake.


Trillium in the forest at Round Lake.

After that I was driving near by and saw my first rainbow of the spring season.


So there you have one of my favorite lunch times of the year so far.  🙂

Did you have any great signs of spring show up today?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

12 Aug


Lovely purple and red with a green backdrop.

Bleeding Hearts of Spring

15 May

IIt is the time of year again that bleeding hearts are out and showing their appearance. This is a photograph I took in my Mother’s garden during a previous spring. The light was marvelous. I only had a small camera usually made for snapshots but it performed rather remarkably.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

17 Apr

After our yearly trip (see photographs from last year here) to the tulip fields I have more than a few photographs to share. This weeks challenge was two subjects in the photo and since all of these photos contain both the primary subject (the kids) and the secondary subject (the tulips) I thought they were a great fit. Stay tuned for more photographs from this day coming up later in the week.

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Beauty in a Dandelion

3 Feb

I find that I am very attracted to photographing flowers even after they are done blooming. There is just something there that invites me to keep looking. Here are a few shots I took at the end of the day when the light from the sunset was just creating such neat color in these usually very white seeds.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These were a set of photographs where I was playing with the place that I wanted the focus to be. You can really tell in the photo right before the last one in the slide because the focus is actually on the seeds that are on the side of the flower opposite from the camera meaning that it is focused through the seeds that were closest to me. This is giving the impression of both being out of focus and in focus. I can’t decide it I like it or if it is to distracting. It kind of makes me look deeper into the picture and spend more time on it which is kind of nice.

Which of these is your favorite? Do you find that you are attracted to the soft light or the last picture with the bright light behind it?

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