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Bridge Over Foggy Water

5 Mar

A couple months ago my husband took my daughter to work at his Family Law Firm for the day so I took the time to go photograph the Saint John’s Bridge that was disappearing into the fog. These are the photographs I took while visiting the Saint John’s Bridge. When I arrived it was not as immersed in fog as I had been hoping, but over the hour I took getting to the edge of the river to photograph the bridge at a different angle, the fog got thicker.

I made the decision to turn these photographs into black and white photos even though the bridge has a distinctive green finish and the grass was a beautiful color. I just felt like they conveyed the mood a little better in black and white.



bridgeoverfoggywater3I hope you enjoyed them. đŸ™‚ It was a nice calm afternoon for me. I have been really enjoying the large amounts of fog we have had this year, but I am feeling very ready for spring now. đŸ™‚ Also my daughter thought it was the best thing to get to go to work with her Daddy. đŸ™‚

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

8 Nov

As usually I am a little behind the curve in getting my photo challenge posts up. I did have the chance to take photos that I felt fit this category really well due to copious amounts of fog in our area recently. It really makes the morning feel much different when you wake up and can not even see across the street, but it is beautiful.

Have a great weekend!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

27 Apr

Well being that I live in Washington State, (although I feel like an Oregonian since that is where I grew up and I live very close to Portland) the sun can be difficult to come by. We did have a couple of outrageously sunny (and hot, as in 86 hot) days this week they were not on the day that I get to go out for an hour or two and take photographs on my own. Nope, the day that I had the privilege of taking photographs sans kids looked something like this:


So I am taking this in a slightly different direction this week, not so much a photo with the sun in it as what the word sun is to me.

The sun is a day outside, playing, walking, exploring, discovering.






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