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Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

12 Jun


This photograph was taken at the Lewis and Clark College Chapel in Portland, Oregon. Although I did not body this room often when I was a student when I did I always noticed the stained glass on the ceiling, encircling an organ.

On the day this photograph was taken the college was already out for the summer break and although the chapel was open all of the lights were out.

I managed to say a quick prayer, although that is not exactly how I think of it, for a few friends going through cancer, or other difficult times. Then I exited the quiet, dark, and peaceful room to go run stairs at the stadium.  🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

23 Jun

These iris were photographed at Schreiner’s Iris Gardens.

This white flower with the cute hearts that I could not resist getting in close to was seen at Lewis & Clark College amongst the poppies that I have been posting recently.

When I think of close in relation to photography I always think of flowers but I wanted to include something else as well.


Red, White, and Blue

19 Jun

These are the two final photos I will post from this series of poppies that I took after running at Lewis & Clark College.

I hope you enjoy them! Weekly Photo Challenge Photo coming soon!

Poppies in Pink

25 May

About a week ago I posted photographs of blue flowers for the weekly photo challenge.  I happened upon these flowers while running at Lewis & Clark College. I promised you some more photographs from that evening since there were lots of colorful poppies that were not blue. Here are a few of those photographs.

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Below is of the tennis bubble with the patch of flowers where I was taking these pictures in the bottom left area of the photo. I just thought some context for this photo was interesting.

I still have more photos that I will probably share but I figured this was a lot anyway so I tried to put only pink poppies in this bunch. Do you have a favorite?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

20 May

This last week has been encredibly full and so I am just getting around to posting for last weeks photo challenge which was to share blue with everyone. I seem to be photographing flowers a lot and today will be no different. 🙂

I went running at the college I went to (Lewis & Clark College) and noticed while walking around the campus that there were some very nice blue flowers as well as other flowers that I will post another time.

I have to say that I had some difficulty taking these pictures, as you can see the exposure is all over the place. After taking a walk with my Mom on Mother’s Day and taking the neat blue sunset photo below my meter that show exposure has been haywire, gur. I really prefer to shoot in fully manual mode but I might have to for go that for a while until I can figure out what is wrong with my camera. I was left guessing about what the metering the entire time I was shooting the flowers above.


If you want to see past photo challenges check out the Weekly Photo Challenge Page. For more flowers and plants see the Flora and Fauna page.

What is your favorite of the blue photos?

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