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Weekly Photo Challenge: Three

25 Feb

My kids and husband got roller blades when I was in New York for my Grandma’s memorial service. They have been practicing in our garage over the last week.

On Sunday it was not raining out, so we all ventured outside to practice roller blading. My daughter stool needs help and I thought her progression makes a cute started the photos.

When we left the house I held her hand the entire way to this (unused) parking lot. When we arrived she wanted Daddy to help her, and my son really wanted to come help also.


Then my son decided they were not going fast enough so it is just Daddy and daughter.


Next she was ready to try all on her own.


Still wobbly, but excited! 🙂

I am hoping to get around to another post this for this weeks theme, but it will depend on my ability to find time to do photo editing.

I hope you have a great week! 🙂

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