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Weekly Photography Challenge: Motion

28 Apr

Portland Ballerina in greenhouse A couple weekends ago I was able to follow along with another Portland photographer Gina Neal to photograph three ballerinas in a couple of Portland locations. We started at this green house located at the Pomarius Nursery in NW Portland.

I have to confess my camera has been acting up and this space was difficult for my lenses capabilities, but it was a lot of fun because everything these young women did was beautiful. Hopefully I will get around to posting a few more of the photographs from this day, but for now this one seemed to fit my needs for the weekly photography challenge motion. It could go along well with my 8 Week Black and White Photography challenge as well, but I am hopeful that I will add an additional photograph from this day to cover that one.

I hope you are having a good week.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

13 Jul

These two photos show such opposite ends of the spectrum as far as movement goes. The first is a blur of color (which is actually one of my favorite photos) but really conveys that there is movement going on. The second shows much more about the detail of the subject but does not convey movement at all. Either way I just love the colors.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

10 May

Focus is such an important part of photography, it can both really really hurt your photograph or aid in creating mood, context, and overall creativity. I have definitely had my share of blurry photographs or getting the part of the photograph that I want in focus out of focus when I wanted something else out of focus. I do however love when I find a way to use focus creatively.

One of my favorite photos due to the feel and the colors is unfocused but shows speed, color, and is wonderfully abstract.

Another photo that is unfocused also uses speed to show motion and get a neat effect.

I hope you enjoyed these unfocused photos! This was an interesting photo challenge to do! Check out past weeks here and sign up to follow me so you don’t miss out on more đŸ™‚

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