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Mt Hood and Downtown Portland

11 Jan Mount Hood and Downtown Portland, Oregon

I cannot believe it took me this many years to find this spot in Portland, Oregon! A friend and I decided we are going to try and hike all of Wildwood trail in Forest Park this year and set out this last Sunday to start. We began our hike at the Audobon Society of Portland and walked up to Pittock Mansion where we were able to view downtown Portland and Mount Hood at the same time, it was a beautiful site!

Mount Hood and Downtown Portland, Oregon

WP Photography Challenge: Serenity

21 Jan

serenity Tom McCall Preserve 15Living in a small town and spending quite a bit of time in Portland, I feel the most serenity when I am escaping to nature. Hiking, kayaking, and running a some of the ways that I enjoy being with nature. I obviously also really enjoy photography!serenity Tom McCall Preserve Photograph 2

serenity Tom McCall Preserve 12
Sweeping vistas of the Columbia River Gorge, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood,  and wildflowers combine at the Tom McCall Wildlife Preserve to make an ideal place to escape and be with nature on a warm spring day.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

3 Aug

Ugh sorry I am so behind on these! Here is my dream post…mostly because I had been really wanting to stop on the 205 bridge going over the Columbia and photograph Mt Hood for a long time, I day dreamed about it whenever there was a sunset or really great dark clouds with evening sun. I finally just stopped and took a few photos, from the inside of my car (windows open) because I was kind of scared to get out. Maybe at some point I will walk across the pedestrian part of the bridge and take photos but it runs through the middle of the bridge so I think cars would be in any shots I could take 😦

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