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Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

18 Apr

In Neskowin, Oregon there is a beautiful rock (or small island) that depending on the tide is either surrounded by water or accessible by foot. It is a beautiful part of the ocean line to look at. On the night I took this photograph I walked down toward it in the evening. As I got to the back side of it I could see that the trees on top of the rock were filtering the sun so that you could see beams of sunlight. It was a gorgeous sight. So of course I took full advantage of this few moments in time and took many photographs.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

4 Apr

Here at Neskowin Beach my children stood at the threshold of the ocean’s bone chilling water, playing a sort of tag with it. Of course talks about ocean safety, concerning sneaker waves, occurred multiple times, but my anxiety at this game was still very high. Luckily there were many adults around to stay close (although I did a good job of keeping them out of the photographs).

The ocean’s edge is the threshold between land that is solid below your feet and a seemingly endless ocean that only appears to end at what looks like the end of the world.

I hope you enjoy the photos!










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Maine: Part 2

6 Jan

In part two of my photos from Maine, I share with you photographs taken while on our first hike. Really this is the beginning of the trip, so I am including this in the weekly photo challenge beginnings. I started this hike with what was shaping up to be a mega migraine, but somehow I managed to use a mantra all the way up the bazillion stone stairs and then lay on the sun warmed giant stones and bask in the sun, and miraculously my headache was most of the way gone. Yay!

I am not sure of the name of this hike, I really have no idea where we were most of the trip, but it was really beautiful, and if you can manage straight up for a while, it is not really all that difficult or long. It is  definitely worth it to sit on the expansive stone outlook and see the sweeping views of the lake and ocean.

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Maine: Part 1

23 Dec


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I took these pictures on my recent trip to Maine. I went with my family who travels there yearly to catch the last days of fall travel in Bar Harbor. This year the National Parks were closed due to the non-functional National government so we got to experience things differently this year, or so I am told. It was my first trip and I had four days of camping, short hikes, and eating. It is a very strange thing to not have my kids along on a trip and not be in charge of organization or planning a day. It made me feel a bit like a kid again.

The views were beautiful and the weather was amazing. On this day we may or may not have walked on a closed forest road to get to a little beach my family calls pebble beach or stone beach, but they were not sure that was the real name. This beach is covered in rocks that get tumbled by the ocean and are very smooth. They feel great, and the sound of the waves washing over them and rolling back out to see is very relaxing. On the walk out to the beach we happened upon a beautiful bald eagle overlooking the ocean.

I am also fitting this post into the weekly photo challenge which is ONE, well there was one bald eagle, one stone, and one pear pictured in the photos for this post. I hope you enjoy them. đŸ™‚


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

5 Sep

This week the WordPress weekly photo challenge was sea. During our summer camping trip we drove to the Washington Coast, to Cape Disappointment and were able to spend a couple days exploring the area, including going to the beach as viewing the sea.

We also explored some trails in the area, taking us through an old fort up to a light house, and also a hike through magnificent forest growth with huge plants such as ferns. There were a few large trees we stopped at including one “Magic Tree House” my kids found and played in. After about 20 minutes of pretend play in the tree we looked up only to see a nest of wasps! Yikes.

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Also recently I answered some questions and have some photographs on another blog you can view that blog post here: 5+5×5 by Four Deer Oak.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

20 Jun

When I was at the Oregon Coast last I took a little time to take some photographs of the ocean. There were a few pictures there I have been meaning to share and it looks like they fit in wonderfully with this photo challenge. There is a wonderful curve to the shore line here.

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I hope you enjoy the photos and that everyone has a great weekend! đŸ™‚

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

18 Apr

These photos are from Road’s End Beach near Lincoln City in Oregon. This is a beach that I have frequented since I can remember. There were so many more people on the beach this week than I remember ever being there and the weather was almost as good as it gets for the Oregon coast (sunny, not too windy, and almost 75!!!).

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A few weeks ago I went to the beach with my Grandparents, Mom, Husband, and children. I took a couple of photos while there and since this weeks post is on change I thought that fits well with the saying “Tides of Change” which is represented well by the ocean. I think that the kite surfer shows how some things have changed at the coast. The ferns and plants show how the sun has the season showing signs of changing quickly from winter to spring.

You can take a look at more of my Weekly Photo Challenge Entries here and find more information about joining it yourself here. đŸ™‚ I hope to hear what you think of this weeks photos.

Update: You can see additional photos from this trip here.


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