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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

5 Sep

This week the WordPress weekly photo challenge was sea. During our summer camping trip we drove to the Washington Coast, to Cape Disappointment and were able to spend a couple days exploring the area, including going to the beach as viewing the sea.

We also explored some trails in the area, taking us through an old fort up to a light house, and also a hike through magnificent forest growth with huge plants such as ferns. There were a few large trees we stopped at including one “Magic Tree House” my kids found and played in. After about 20 minutes of pretend play in the tree we looked up only to see a nest of wasps! Yikes.

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Also recently I answered some questions and have some photographs on another blog you can view that blog post here: 5+5×5 by Four Deer Oak.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

1 Aug

A few weeks ago I went camping and hiking with my family. We traveled over to the Mount Adams National Forest area by Trout Lake and went on a hike that was really beautiful. Although the up close view of Mt. Adams was amazing the most striking thing to me was these flowers that were covering parts of the forest floor. They were especially prevalent in an area of the forest that had been burned in a forest fire a year or two ago. Although I could have probably spent the entire day just photographing these flowers I did not have that luxury but I did get a few minutes to stop and photograph them on the way back along with my Mom and my Uncle.

I think that nature itself is a masterpiece and all you need to do is take a minute to stop and look. Here is my photo representing masterpiece, and I do plan on post more from this 15 minutes by the side of the road as well as the rest of the trip…stay tuned đŸ˜‰


Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

20 Jun

When I was at the Oregon Coast last I took a little time to take some photographs of the ocean. There were a few pictures there I have been meaning to share and it looks like they fit in wonderfully with this photo challenge. There is a wonderful curve to the shore line here.

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I hope you enjoy the photos and that everyone has a great weekend! đŸ™‚

Tryon Creek: Part 3 Trillium

13 May

At last I make it to the post with the Trillium. Trillium are a three petaled and three leafed flower that range in color from white to purple. They are beautiful and one of the first flowers to show during spring. They are also protected and dwindling. One great place to find them is at Tryon Creek although I have found them just south of my home at Round lake and Lacamas Lake as well. Every year there is a Trillium Festival and sale at Tryon Creek and it happened to be going on when I was there on the 7th of April.

It was raining for much of the morning the day I went to Tryon creek so although I hit a sunny patch while I was there the Trillium were very wet and many were damaged. They were still lovely.

You can visit the post Tryon Creek Part 1 and Tryon Creek Part 2 if you would like to see more from that hike.

Tryon Creek: Part 2

7 May

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This is part two of my walk in Tryon Creek on April 7. These mushrooms were actually what made me walk back to my car and get my camera. When I started out there were a lot of people there because it was the weekend that the friends of Tryon Creek have their trillium festival and plant sale, so I was not sure that I would want to take pictures with so many people around to watch me do the weird things I do when I take pictures, like lie on the ground. I saw these mushrooms with the light coming through the ridges and really wanted to try and take photos of them so I went back to the car and got my camera and then let people think I am weird. I mean really I probably am right? So why not let everyone know it. đŸ˜‰

Check back soon for the pictures of the trillium. To see part one click here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

18 Apr

These photos are from Road’s End Beach near Lincoln City in Oregon. This is a beach that I have frequented since I can remember. There were so many more people on the beach this week than I remember ever being there and the weather was almost as good as it gets for the Oregon coast (sunny, not too windy, and almost 75!!!).

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A few weeks ago I went to the beach with my Grandparents, Mom, Husband, and children. I took a couple of photos while there and since this weeks post is on change I thought that fits well with the saying “Tides of Change” which is represented well by the ocean. I think that the kite surfer shows how some things have changed at the coast. The ferns and plants show how the sun has the season showing signs of changing quickly from winter to spring.

You can take a look at more of my Weekly Photo Challenge Entries here and find more information about joining it yourself here. đŸ™‚ I hope to hear what you think of this weeks photos.

Update: You can see additional photos from this trip here.


Little Yellow Tree

13 Nov


Lacamas Lake is surrounded by large evergreen trees and boasts miles of hiking paths that can take you as far as down town Camas. Tucked within these evergreens are a growing number of deciduous trees that are most visible during the fall when their colors are in contrast with the evergreens. This small yellow tree was one such tree.

I would love to go on a trip to the East coast during the fall some year (maybe to visit my extended family) and see the trees changing color there.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

3 Aug

Ugh sorry I am so behind on these! Here is my dream post…mostly because I had been really wanting to stop on the 205 bridge going over the Columbia and photograph Mt Hood for a long time, I day dreamed about it whenever there was a sunset or really great dark clouds with evening sun. I finally just stopped and took a few photos, from the inside of my car (windows open) because I was kind of scared to get out. Maybe at some point I will walk across the pedestrian part of the bridge and take photos but it runs through the middle of the bridge so I think cars would be in any shots I could take đŸ˜¦

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

30 May

This weeks photo challenge topic is summer. Since it is not technically summer yet I am mostly looking to past photographs to help show you what makes me feel like it is summer.

Here are some of the things that I found that help me to feel like it is summer.

This is a photo that I took while sailing with my Aunt and Uncle on their boat on Seneca Lake. I have visited upstate New York almost every other year since I was born because most of my relatives live there. Taking to the lake on a sail boat is perfect in the hot and sticky summers that happen there.

In case you couldn’t tell, the next thing that tells me it is summer is a wedding. I loved this wedding in particular for a few reasons. First because this is a couple that has played a very important part in my life. Secondly, this couple spent a long time making sure that getting married was the right step for them so I know that they are very happy together and that getting married was a very good thing for them. The last reason is that I just loved that the Bride and Bride’s Maids all came in to the ceremony on canoe! How cool. Plus the entire wedding party ventured on a hike down a steep dusty path so they could take photos in front of a waterfall near by. So cool.

The last thing that tells me it is summer is a vegetable garden. Here is a picture of some kale from my raised beds.

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