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Extra(ordinary): Weekly Photography Challenge

21 Oct

I am choosing this weeks photography challenge to make what to me is an extraordinary announcement, but to many is probably more of an extra-ordinary one. I have taken the leap into selling my photography! I have been very nervous about doing this and have spent time (years in fact) waffling about it, but finally have taken the plunge despite feeling extremely anxious about putting my work out into the world in this way.

It has taken me years of time grappling with anxiety and trepidation to finally sort through and choose from the different options for putting my photographs online for sale. I am hopeful that I will find support for doing this and my trepidation over loosing the love of photography. I am starting slow and will be adding to the site frequently. My facebook page will be updated immediately with new photographs that are made available. So head over to that page and like it, www.facebook.com/emiliabrasierphotography.

For my first offered photograph I chose one that I started with here on wordpress, because after all this time it remains one of my favorite photographs especially when combine with another four that I took at the same time. Thank you for following me this far in my photographic journey and watching me make this leap. I hope you continue along and maybe consider supporting me by sharing with your friends. 🙂

close up photograph of a peacock

Here is where to see my photograph for sale, and check out all the options from prints to pillows!

Thank you for putting up with my extra(ordinary) announcement for this weekly photography challenge post!

A Trip to the Zoo

21 Feb

A while back I took the kids to the zoo on my own and took my camera with the intention of taking photographs of them looking at the animals and playing at the kids play area. Nothing special just normal family stuff.

On our way from the parking lot to the entrance we saw a couple of peacocks. The light was so perfect on them I could not resist making my kids (one in a carrier, she was only about one) wait for an extra couple of minutes while I captured the light on the feathers of those peacocks. I have to say that peacock feathers hold my favorite colors all together in one place and so I am drawn to them.

These are some of my favorite photographs period. I love them I want to hang them all over my house. They are already on my flora and fauna page but I feel that they really deserve a post just to themselves.

I hope that you enjoy these as much as I do. What are your favorite color combinations? Is there are particular color combination that you are drawn to photographing?

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