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Orange Photograph Collection: WP Challenge 2

12 Mar photograph of an orange poppy with grey background

Here is a collection of orange photographs from my site over the years. I had fun going back and seeing what I had taken photographs of that featured orange. It was amazing to me how many photographs I had that were dominated by the color orange.

There are photographs from all over the country also: Portland, Neskowin, & Salem, Oregon, Camas & Vancouver, Washington, Maine, and New York.

The photographs include portraits, events, sunsets, landscapes, and of course flowers. 🙂

I hope you enjoy looking back at my collection of orange photographs from the past as much as I did. Have a good week!

If you want to join the weekly photography challenge check out post a day.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Orange

9 Mar

Macro photography of crocus

Macrophotography of plum blossom

The photography challenge that WordPress chose this week was orange. I decided on using these two photographs that I think have orange as a nice bright wow point. While orange is not the main focus of the photograph in either case, I think the orange creates a lot of interest.

I took both of these photographs using my macro filters. I have really been enjoying the flowers and sunshine that the Portland, Oregon and SW Washington area has been experiencing. Hopefully I will get to keep getting outside with my camera. 🙂

If you want to join the photography challenge just visit the link.

Bridge Over Foggy Water

5 Mar

A couple months ago my husband took my daughter to work at his Family Law Firm for the day so I took the time to go photograph the Saint John’s Bridge that was disappearing into the fog. These are the photographs I took while visiting the Saint John’s Bridge. When I arrived it was not as immersed in fog as I had been hoping, but over the hour I took getting to the edge of the river to photograph the bridge at a different angle, the fog got thicker.

I made the decision to turn these photographs into black and white photos even though the bridge has a distinctive green finish and the grass was a beautiful color. I just felt like they conveyed the mood a little better in black and white.



bridgeoverfoggywater3I hope you enjoyed them. 🙂 It was a nice calm afternoon for me. I have been really enjoying the large amounts of fog we have had this year, but I am feeling very ready for spring now. 🙂 Also my daughter thought it was the best thing to get to go to work with her Daddy. 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

20 Jun

When I was at the Oregon Coast last I took a little time to take some photographs of the ocean. There were a few pictures there I have been meaning to share and it looks like they fit in wonderfully with this photo challenge. There is a wonderful curve to the shore line here.

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I hope you enjoy the photos and that everyone has a great weekend! 🙂

Discover Pink: Team Margaret

28 Oct

Two years ago my best friend lost her year long battle with breast cancer. She was 29 years old and left behind a plethora of people who were devastated at losing this vibrant, caring, daughter, wife, mother, and friend.

From the time that she was diagnosed a week after the birth of my daughter my Mom began planning ways to help support my friend and myself. One of the ways that she found was to gather a group of people to walk with the YWCA (Salem, Oregon) Discover Pink breast cancer walk.

My Mom and I have continued to walk in this walk, along with many others who loved and supported Margaret. I choose to walk Discover Pink over Koman simply because it is based in Salem, Oregon the town that Margaret and I met and attended junior high and high school in. The money raised from this walk goes to help people in the community who can not afford diagnosis and treatment pay for it.

The walk this year was held at the Salem Conference Center and passed through the Salem River Front taking us by the Salem Carousel, the Earth Ball, and over the Salem Foot Bridge that was converted in more recent years from a train bridge. It was a beautiful Oregon fall day, crisp, sunny, and cool. Walkers were cheered on and directed by Derby Girls.

This year is the forth time we have walked. We walk with Margaret’s parents, mother-in-law, children, my family, high school friends, and many others who show up to support her family and myself. I am grateful to all who come walk with us and help me to remember my friend and give back to the community, hopefully making it so that another person is more fortunate.

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You can read about my day of remembering here. Read words from Margaret about her Punch Fight With Cancer here.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Merge

23 Oct

I love how the petals on flowers merge together to meet in the center with fabulous centers. ImageImageImage

First Day of School Photos

18 Sep

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Kids starting up school for the year always calls for first day of school photos. These two were excited (if not a little nervous) about their first day.

I went on pintrest to gather first day of school photo ideas and found a couple that I liked. One was having your child write their name out and have them hold it in the photo. Another was asking them what they want to be when they grow up, writing in on a prop, and put into the photo. Another was taking a photo on the first day and another on the last day of school holding the first day of school photo. Of course that will have to wait until the last day of school.
I decided to combine a few of these ideas and have my son write is name and then I wrote the grade and what he wants to be when he grows up. (I hope you don’t mind i covered that all up, I know it makes the photo look a bit funny).

Maybe now that school has started I will get back into actually posting to this blog! Sorry I haven’t been very good about it.


Sellwood Movie in the Park

7 Aug

Once again I went out and photographed the PDX kids calendar photo booth. It was a lot of fun and the evening was a perfect balance of warmth and clear skies (i.e. no rain and not blistering hot). These families were so cute trying on outfits. I love that so many of the parents were having fun letting their children dress them up.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

22 May

I love this weeks photo challenge. Hands are such a wonderful focus for a photograph. Here are a few of my favorite photographs with hands as the main subject or secondary subject of the photograph.

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Singing in the Rain Part 2

17 Feb

After the end of the planned Singing in the Rain event some of the dancers who took part in the event stuck around and decided to dance to music they played on a boombox. These young men are a part of the Salem Cypher Connection which is a break dancing club that is trying to bring awareness of the art in hip hop. Kind of cool right?

I have to say that although it was neat to see how much of the Salem community turned out for the planned event that took place a few minutes earlier this was my favorite part of the day. We were able to get up to the edges of the dance floor and watch. My kids enjoyed this a lot. I enjoyed trying to capture just what it was that I wanted to capture now that there was a smaller crowd and I could place myself better.

The young men dancing were: Polie Lopez, Rick Ahumada, Franky Garcia, Jimmy Rodriguez, & Pedro Morales. I am not entirely sure who is who or that I got a shot of each of them but they were all really fun to watch. You can check out the Salem Cypher Connection online on Facebook.

I started out using a faster shutter speed but quickly realized that this was one of those times when I really wanted to be able to see their movement in the photo. So here we go…

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See part 1 of this day here.

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