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Singing in the Rain Part 2

17 Feb

After the end of the planned Singing in the Rain event some of the dancers who took part in the event stuck around and decided to dance to music they played on a boombox. These young men are a part of the Salem Cypher Connection which is a break dancing club that is trying to bring awareness of the art in hip hop. Kind of cool right?

I have to say that although it was neat to see how much of the Salem community turned out for the planned event that took place a few minutes earlier this was my favorite part of the day. We were able to get up to the edges of the dance floor and watch. My kids enjoyed this a lot. I enjoyed trying to capture just what it was that I wanted to capture now that there was a smaller crowd and I could place myself better.

The young men dancing were: Polie Lopez, Rick Ahumada, Franky Garcia, Jimmy Rodriguez, & Pedro Morales. I am not entirely sure who is who or that I got a shot of each of them but they were all really fun to watch. You can check out the Salem Cypher Connection online on Facebook.

I started out using a faster shutter speed but quickly realized that this was one of those times when I really wanted to be able to see their movement in the photo. So here we go…

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