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Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

28 Jun


My daughters dance recital was last week and I saw these three peeking out at some of the other dancers as they were getting ready to perform. I was amazed at how well all these little dancers did waiting for their turn to go on stage.


Out on my walk I came upon this bright wild lily.


My daughter was helping my husband be the first base coach at my son’s last baseball game of the season.


I will leave you with this one which is from berry picking. The fan we went to has a hay ride to go out to the field, which of course my kids love.

Enjoy your weekend.

Phoneology Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunch

20 Mar

Lunch at my house has become a bit more difficult recently. My husband and son found out they are allergic to wheat and dairy so things like sandwiches are out of the question.

Many days I have been throwing together random left overs into salads. This is a picture that I would not post here except for the photo challenge, but here it is…


It was tasty. My kids each picked their own toppings from the options we had.

A while after lunch I was lucky enough yo spend some time running on a path near my hinge and catching glimpses of spring.


Clover patch along a stream at Round Lake.


Trillium in the forest at Round Lake.

After that I was driving near by and saw my first rainbow of the spring season.


So there you have one of my favorite lunch times of the year so far.¬† ūüôā

Did you have any great signs of spring show up today?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

23 Nov

I am playing catch up right now with the weekly photo challenge. Hopefully I will end up getting all of them…well here are some of the things that make me happy. Just a warning these are much more family album style photos, because two of the things that make me happiest are my two kids and the moments that happen in our everyday life.

Some of these photos are from when my children were younger. I love taking my kids to the beach, berry picking, and hiking. It is a lot of fun for me to find ideas for birthday parties.

Visit my other Weekly Photo Challenge photos, or some other photos of people. I hope you enjoyed these snippets from my life and what makes me happy.




Orange Poppies

6 Jun

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A few weeks ago while running at Lewis & Clark College (my Alma mater) I happened upon a patch of blue flowers which I decided were going to be the focus of my weekly photo challenge for topic of blue.

In the same patch of flowers there were also many different colors of poppies that I could not resist spending some time photographing. This is a part of a series of photographs from that day. You can see more in the post Poppies in Pink and in at least one more post to come on a future day so feel free to follow me so you don’t miss out on that one. ūüôā

Do you like the pink poppies from the previous post or these orange ones better?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

27 Apr

Well being that I live in Washington State, (although I feel like an Oregonian since that is where I grew up and I live very close to Portland) the sun can be difficult to come by. We did have a couple of outrageously sunny (and hot, as in 86 hot) days this week they were not on the day that I get to go out for an hour or two and take photographs on my own. Nope, the day that I had the privilege of taking photographs sans kids looked something like this:


So I am taking this in a slightly different direction this week, not so much a photo with the sun in it as what the word sun is to me.

The sun is a day outside, playing, walking, exploring, discovering.






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Singing in the Rain Part 2

17 Feb

After the end of the planned Singing in the Rain event some of the dancers who took part in the event stuck around and decided to dance to music they played on a boombox. These young men are a part of the Salem Cypher Connection which is a break dancing club that is trying to bring awareness of the art in hip hop. Kind of cool right?

I have to say that although it was neat to see how much of the Salem community turned out for the planned event that took place a few minutes earlier this was my favorite part of the day. We were able to get up to the edges of the dance floor and watch. My kids enjoyed this a lot. I enjoyed trying to capture just what it was that I wanted to capture now that there was a smaller crowd and I could place myself better.

The young men dancing were: Polie Lopez, Rick Ahumada, Franky Garcia, Jimmy Rodriguez, & Pedro Morales. I am not entirely sure who is who or that I got a shot of each of them but they were all really fun to watch. You can check out the Salem Cypher Connection online on Facebook.

I started out using a faster shutter speed but quickly realized that this was one of those times when I really wanted to be able to see their movement in the photo. So here we go…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Summer Flowers

27 Jan

My full time job is staying at home with my two children so I don’t get nearly as much time doing photography as I might like. When I do go out and shoot I usually have to stay close to home and only get to set aside a few minutes here and there. Last summer on the way to the beach we spent the evening with my Mom. I was able to sneak outside and take a few pictures while she was watching the kids.

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Welcome to Emilia Brasier Photography

22 Jan

Welcome to Emilia Brasier Photography. I have been taking photos  since I can remember and I love it. I love getting in close, I love experimenting with motion, I love trying to catch special moments. I love getting out on my own where it is quiet and trying to find something to capture. I hope that you have fun exploring my photographs. I am starting out on a journey that quite frankly scares me. I have been scared for years to share my photography but I am starting off this new year with the idea in mind that I need to push through my fears of imperfection which has been causing paralysis of action for so long. So I hope that you will be happy to join me by viewing my photos and taking them for what they are even with the imperfections.

Emilia Brasier

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