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He is 7, already!?

16 Nov

Well last week I shared my daughter’s 4 year photos and talked about how amazing it is that she is not a toddler in any way anymore. Well even more amazing to me is that my son is now seven. Wow, in so many ways I feel like he is still just my baby, but he really is a full fledged big kid now. He totally had his own opinion about getting his photo taken for his seven year photos, which by the way was that he in no way wanted to participate in it.

He ended up giving me about 10 minutes and said I could take 20 photos total. Um, okay. He some how could even really tell when I was taking the actual photo even with all of the sound turned off and me using my zoom lens so I was standing quite a distance from him. It was funny in retrospect anyway.

Here are the results of my ten minute photo shoot with him. 🙂





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