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Welcoming the New: Newborn Photography

13 Jun

I was thrilled to hear that my sweet cousin, his wife, and son welcomed into their family a new member last week. I had just finished editing the maternity photographs I took with them about two weeks ago when I heard she was born.

This last week I was pleased to take some time to both visit and take photographs of this new little girl.

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Have a great weekend! 🙂

Something New: A Maternity Photo Shoot

25 May

About a week ago I tried something new, I took maternity photographs.


I had not explored the world of maternity photography before, but it is a set of photography skills I would like to have as maternity, labor, and newborn photography have always sparked my interest.


I am always very nervous when photographing people so I don’t tend to wander in that direction often, but this is a kind of portraiture I think I could really enjoy once I got comfortable with my own skills in posing, which means practice!


I enlisted my wonderful cousin and his amazing wife who are expecting their second child and we headed to a nearby nature area for these photographs.


All in all I was pretty happy with the results and I learned a lot about what I could do differently next time, which is always important. 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

30 Dec

This year for my kids Christmas photo shoot I set up a little hot cocoa treat, complete with really lovely marshmallows, and tasty and really special candy canes. This was a giant treat for the kids. I didn’t end up with pictures that really completed my vision, but they were fun to take and the kids were excited and full of joy during the whole thing.

Happy holidays!






He is 7, already!?

16 Nov

Well last week I shared my daughter’s 4 year photos and talked about how amazing it is that she is not a toddler in any way anymore. Well even more amazing to me is that my son is now seven. Wow, in so many ways I feel like he is still just my baby, but he really is a full fledged big kid now. He totally had his own opinion about getting his photo taken for his seven year photos, which by the way was that he in no way wanted to participate in it.

He ended up giving me about 10 minutes and said I could take 20 photos total. Um, okay. He some how could even really tell when I was taking the actual photo even with all of the sound turned off and me using my zoom lens so I was standing quite a distance from him. It was funny in retrospect anyway.

Here are the results of my ten minute photo shoot with him. 🙂





Lovely 4 Year Old

10 Nov

This little photo shoot was a lot of fun. I can’t believe my little one is 4 and that means officially not in the realm of toddler anymore. We took her 4 year photos at the park and she insisted that Ariel wanted her picture taken also. She also loved exploring the park in hope of finding a caterpillar.

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

11 Aug

This week I am sharing with you one shot, two ways. I just got done editing these engagement photos. I found that many, many of these contained framing and re-framing (therefore at least one shot, two ways…if not one shot, a dozen ways).



This was a fun photo shoot with two good friends who enjoy Portland a lot. They really wanted to head out to the Rose Gardens near the Japanese Garden in Washington park so we went out there on a wonderful sunny evening. They also really like dancing so near the end we did a few shots (well I took more than a few, because it is hard to get them at exactly the right second when they are moving that much) of them dancing the Tango and Fox Trot (maybe?) to music courtesy of a smartphone (technology these days is great right). It really helped clear the area and got a few on-lookers from a far. It was by far the most fun part of the shoot.

Well I hope that you all enjoy the shots and that they make you want to visit the Rose Gardens. 🙂

Below is a gallery with even more from the shoot…

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Follow along with the photo challenge here.

Happy Holidays

26 Dec

Thank you everyone who has been following along with me on this journey the past few months. I have been enjoying the challenge of finding photos that are worth sharing with everyone. I hope that everyone has happy holidays and that the new year treats you well.

Here are the photos I took to share with my family for the holiday season.









Turning Six

1 Dec

When my son was born I took photos of him constantly. I think I had ten thousand photographs of him during his first year. Ten thousand! I did really like have a photo every week on the day of the week he was born and every month.

He loves to ham it up for the camera, he loves to hold the camera, instruct others one how they should stand, and take the photo himself.

Oddly he does not much like cooperate the way that I would like him to for a birthday portrait. At least not quite the same way he did when he was six months old and would sit on a bench, gaze up at me with his big blue eyes, and give me the biggest smile ever.

We took these photos at a near by park. The two weeks leading up to his birthday were chilly but in the afternoons the light had been perfectly shinning on this tree with yellow leaves. The leaves had fallen on the ground and created a carpet of yellow. I kept thinking oh man I should just take the pictures today, it is not raining, they have not come to rake the leaves. Unfortunately, I waited.

On his birthday it was chilly, raining, and when we got to the park…the leaves had been cleaned up. He refused to put on pants and then was way too cold. He switched between acting grumpy and goofy, my daughter was hanging to my legs the whole time trying to pull me to the car. Rain was getting all over my lens…overall not my favorite experience.

Oh well. The pictures do show his personality and I think they will actually show off the general mood of the day better than perfect pictures.


Feeling cold, he refused to put on pants.

Feeling cold, he refused to put on pants.

Trying to be grumpy.

Trying to be grumpy.

Being his goofy self.

Being his goofy self.

Three Year Birthday Portraits

19 Oct

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Three years old already!

We went to the park to do this portrait session. It was a wonderful sunny day there were fuzzy caterpillars all over that she was holding onto throughout the session. Even while climbing the fence! She even managed to keep the little caterpillar safe the whole time.

First Day of School Photos

18 Sep

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Kids starting up school for the year always calls for first day of school photos. These two were excited (if not a little nervous) about their first day.

I went on pintrest to gather first day of school photo ideas and found a couple that I liked. One was having your child write their name out and have them hold it in the photo. Another was asking them what they want to be when they grow up, writing in on a prop, and put into the photo. Another was taking a photo on the first day and another on the last day of school holding the first day of school photo. Of course that will have to wait until the last day of school.
I decided to combine a few of these ideas and have my son write is name and then I wrote the grade and what he wants to be when he grows up. (I hope you don’t mind i covered that all up, I know it makes the photo look a bit funny).

Maybe now that school has started I will get back into actually posting to this blog! Sorry I haven’t been very good about it.


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