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Photographs in Portland, Oregon of Greenpeace Protest: WPC Inspiration

31 Jul

Portland Oregon Photographs Greenpeace Protest Inspired-4

This week the world was buzzing with news that Greenpeace activists had repelled themselves off of the St. John’s Bridge in Portland, Oregon to attempt to block the passage of an ice breaker from the Port in Portland, Oregon where is was getting repairs and scheduled to return to the Arctic to help an oil drill from Shell gain access to the area it needed to be to start work. I was able to take this evening and go to Cathedral park and see their inspired effort and take a few photographs of them hanging off the bridge.

Portland Oregon Photographs Greenpeace Protest Inspired-8

I almost always head into Portland on Wednesday nights to run so for me the timing of the protest was perfect. I really wanted to go down and see the protest and I am glad that I did. It was a beautiful Portland night with the almost full moon and 80 degree night. Standing on the dock looking at the St. John’s Bridge seeing these activists with their flags was really beautiful and it really was an inspiration to see such a peaceful dedication to protesting and standing up for what they feel was right.

Portland Oregon Photographs Greenpeace Protest Inspired-7

I think whether you agree with what they were doing or not it still creates a feeling of awe when you see something like this in action. Portlanders showed up to watch, photograph, and support both on the land and in the river. There were kayakers supporting on the water and someone had donated a bunch of kayaks and personal flotation devices so anyone that wanted to could join on the water. I thought that using the flags in Shell’s colors was great it made this a beautiful site seeing those giant flags blowing in the wind.

Portland Oregon Photographs Greenpeace Protest Inspired-5

I was sad to hear the next day that two of the protesters were cut down and the coast guard pulled kayakers away, created a no boat zone, and the ice breaker made it through.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

28 Mar


For this photo challenge I am choosing to share some photographs I took while in Corning, NY this last fall during the government shutdown. I have the privileged of having a family that has always been very involved in expressing their political views. My Aunt, in particular, has been very involved in organizing and orchestrating various protests. She also was a part of the Christian Peacemaker Team in the Gaza Strip for many years. I have great respect for that work in particular that she has been involved in.


My Aunt on the left.

Needless to say, while I was in New York and the US Government decided it would be a good time to shut down, my Aunt and her friends decided they should stage a protest about the shutdown. She asked me to come with her to her building to help put a sign up from the roof. I decided that it would be a lot of fun to witness her in her element, not to mention I love being up on the top of roof of her two story downtown building. street1

She owns a building across the street from Congressman Tom Reed’s office, and so even though he was not in the office everyone agrees it is a great place to hang a banner to get his attention. The protest was scheduled for lunch time, and most of the people in attendance were either retired or workers using their lunch break to join the protest. street4

It was fun to see my Aunt in her element, and see how this small community works so hard to try and make a difference in the political system. My Aunt even reminded me that I took my first steps in the middle of a New York, NY street during a very very large protest, with Peter, Paul, and Mary playing in the background. street2You can join the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge (click the link).

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