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Weekly Photography Challenge: Containers

23 Jul

This week at the Daily Post photography challenge we were told to share photographs of containers. I am sharing a photograph from a yoga studio in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon. I have never done yoga there, but I occasionally like to go to the restaurant, called Prasad, after my Wednesday night runs. They have this neat little area where yoga mats are stored and I thought they came together and looked interesting.



Weekly Photography Challenge: Contrast

3 Jul


Once again a photograph from my run.  Can you tell I am spending more time training to run than taking photographs lately. This one was taken on an evening run, so the shade created even more contrast.

That is in large part because I am signed up for the Girlfriends half marathon in October, which is affiliated with Komen Race For the Cure. I have not done a half before,  in fact my first 5k was just this past St. Patrick’s Day.

I have a running partner now and she is good at pushing me,  which is great.  So we signed up for this run in part because we needed a run,  and also because I lost my best friend to breast cancer at 29.

I also have another friend who had been diagnosed recently and is now going through treatment.  I like the idea of raising funds for a cure,  but I also wanted to help her raise funds for uncovered expenses. 

My Grandma has also had breast cancer twice, so I think this is a fitting run all in all.

Needless to say,  my mind has been on running lately.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Between

26 Jun

Between the trees
There is a path
Green forest, protection from the rain and sun
It provides a beautiful place to walk and run…


A place to visit and explore
Once a week, sometimes more.
A place to escape, to mediate
A path perfect for a photograph.





All photographs taken with my phone, while on a run. And the writing above is why I am a photographer, not a writer! 😉

Super Hero Fun Run: PDX

2 Aug

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Super hero fun run to take photographs of the PDX Kids Calendar booth and got the chance to see all these really awesome families all dressed up and running in their favorite outfits! They are so much cooler than I am but maybe next year I will convince my husband to go with me and run with the kids! This was a lot of fun and you can find more photos at PDX Kids Calendar as well as listings for lots of great activities for the family if you happen to live in the Portland area.

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