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Close up Photography of Peonys: Gone but not Forgotten

8 Dec


These photographs of peonys were taken at Deepwood Estate in Salem, Oregon. These huge pink peonys just screamed for my attention. They were so beautiful, I felt like I could hardly go wrong taking photographs of them.




Petals of a peony, photographed in Salem, Oregon


Although they are long gone, they are not forgotten. You can see more gone but not forgotten photo challenge posts here.

Camas Lily Fields Abound

15 May

I know, I know I already used a few photographs of Camas lilies for a photo challenge, but I visited three very distinct Camas lily fields this year and so I wanted to share a few more photographs so I could really showcase all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer in the way of these beautiful wild flowers.

Just down the street from my home is a park called Round Lake, it is a part of the Lacamas Trail system which stretches for about 8 miles in it’s off shoots and winding trails that make their way through Camas, Washington.

At the top of Round Lake is an area that every year is covered in Camas Lilies for a few weeks of the year. These flowers make an amazingly short appearance and in the past although I have tried to catch them in bloom, things have gotten in the way. This year I  caught them, not once, but many times. I did not take my camera most of those times, so I finally made my dear friend Susan wait around while I snapped some photographs of the Camas flowers on our walk together. 🙂

There are many other flowers in bloom up at Round Lake at this time of year, including these white lilies shown here, some tiny pink flowers, trillium, and skunk flowers. I have also seen wild bleeding hearts, salmon berries, and some bright orange flowers. It is a walk that is really worth your time.

The second field I, which was actually my first of the year, is down in Salem, Oregon at Bush Park. This is a place I have spent a lot of time in my life. We used to go there when I was child and it hosts the Salem Art Fair during the summer. During the spring this field is gorgeous and is frequently used as a portrait spot.

The last place to highlight is the West Linn Camassia Nature Preserve. This is a short, but lovely walk that really showcases the lilies. There is a trail that goes through the field with a well made path that helps to keep your feet from getting muddy and the flowers from being trampled.

I hope to add these three places to my yearly spring routine (the tulip fields in Woodburn are my other one).

I hope you all have had a good week and are getting out to enjoy spring!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

16 Apr

Monuments are all around us and sometimes go completely unnoticed because they become part of the back ground of our life instead of something to take notice of every time we see them.

While visiting Salem, I love to do photography, because I almost always have my Mom around to help with the kids. This allows me to step back and see my children and the surroundings a bit more. I can take notice of the background, instead of staying focused on what is right in front of me.

I also notice that living near particular monuments, statues, or  other wonders often makes them become almost unnoticed, or filtered out of your life, because you are occupied with everyday things. Having grown up in Salem, Oregon the Gold Man on top of the Capitol building became a bit like that for me. I find I notice it much more now that I do not live there.

On this particular day my Mom, my children, and I met at a farmers market. It was a fantastically beautiful Oregon day, perfect for jumping in the fountain in front of the Capitol building and photographing the surroundings.

These were my favorite photographs that included the beautiful Gold Man that is standing proud on top of the Oregon Capitol building.

This is a place people can visit and venture up loads of stairs to get to the top of the building and over look Salem. It is also a place that I watched my Father preform with his band Wooden Music on the steps outside, although he also preformed inside for the Senate. I also had the privilege of singing inside with my elementary school choir. I was a page there for a while in elementary school as well. I had ornaments I created hung on trees inside at Christmas time a few years in a row (made with my elementary school).

I also remember using the fountain for summertime water play. As you can see though it was such a common place to see and be at growing up, that I didn’t take much notice of the magnificence at the time.





If you want to join the weekly photo challenge you can at the Daily Post.

Discover Pink: Team Margaret

28 Oct

Two years ago my best friend lost her year long battle with breast cancer. She was 29 years old and left behind a plethora of people who were devastated at losing this vibrant, caring, daughter, wife, mother, and friend.

From the time that she was diagnosed a week after the birth of my daughter my Mom began planning ways to help support my friend and myself. One of the ways that she found was to gather a group of people to walk with the YWCA (Salem, Oregon) Discover Pink breast cancer walk.

My Mom and I have continued to walk in this walk, along with many others who loved and supported Margaret. I choose to walk Discover Pink over Koman simply because it is based in Salem, Oregon the town that Margaret and I met and attended junior high and high school in. The money raised from this walk goes to help people in the community who can not afford diagnosis and treatment pay for it.

The walk this year was held at the Salem Conference Center and passed through the Salem River Front taking us by the Salem Carousel, the Earth Ball, and over the Salem Foot Bridge that was converted in more recent years from a train bridge. It was a beautiful Oregon fall day, crisp, sunny, and cool. Walkers were cheered on and directed by Derby Girls.

This year is the forth time we have walked. We walk with Margaret’s parents, mother-in-law, children, my family, high school friends, and many others who show up to support her family and myself. I am grateful to all who come walk with us and help me to remember my friend and give back to the community, hopefully making it so that another person is more fortunate.

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You can read about my day of remembering here. Read words from Margaret about her Punch Fight With Cancer here.

Singing in the Rain: Salem Dancing in the Street

17 Feb

This last weekend we went down to visit my Mom and wish my Dad a happy birthday. My Mom was excited to go to an event in downtown Salem that was designed to get people to show their love for the capital city of Oregon.

Ahead of time people were to go online and learn a few simple dance moves and then descend upon downtown Salem and dance to the song Singing in the Rain on Saturday to show their love for Salem. There was also a small stage at the front of the dancing crowd that had a variety of dancers with different styles each for very short segments of the song.

My kids enjoy this kind of thing and so does my Mom (I enjoy the opportunity to take out my camera). My Mom, husband, and two small children set off to participate, watch, and photograph this fun little event.

It was a bit difficult to keep a good eye on my 2 year old and take photographs but I did my best. My mom helped out some and so did my husband although he was up on top of the parking garage watching with my 5 year old most of the time.

Look at all the umbrellas!

According the people holding the event this is the most famous man in Salem…Gerry Frank.

Check back tomorrow for part two (my favorite part of the day and photographically).

Part 2

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