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Weekly Photography Challenge: Yellow

21 Dec

Photography of butterfly on lavendar in upstate New York

Over the summer I was lucky enough to travel back east to upstate New York and visit the Finger Lakes where my grandparents were living. My Grandfather had been a part of the Rotary Club there for many years and took us to one of the meetings that was held at Rooster Winery on Keuka Lake.

photograph of butterfly yellow6

They have a beautiful outdoor pizza grill on a patio facing the lake. It happens to be surrounded by flowers which I am happy to say were buzzing with bees and being visited by butterflies. So for this weekly photography challenge which is yellow, I present a visit back to August and the warm days of summer.


photography of flowers and clouds yellow2

Photograph of a bee taken in upstate New York by Emilia Brasier Photography

Weekly Photography Challenge: Silhouette

22 Aug


My grandparents live on Seneca lake and have for many years. They have a wonderful house that includes a beach house and dock. I remember when we visited them as a kid and they did not live at that house, but at that point my other grandparents lived on Seneca lake.

Needless to say the lake has a huge place in my memory. My children recently got the chance to visit with me (which they have done before, but neither really remembered) and experience the swimming, sailing, late night dinners on the beach as the sun sets, fire flies, and family.


My mom cuddling my daughter on a bench at a vineyard after a farm to table dinner. Watching the moon rise.

I hope they remember this visit and feel that upstate New York is as much a part of them as I feel it is of me.


Supermoon of August rising over Seneca Lake.

This was a bittersweet visit, as it is our last one we will share this experience on Seneca lake as a family. My grandparents have decided it is time for them to move on and into a place where someone else gets to do the upkeep.

I will miss summers that include this lake and these large family get togethers.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Summer Lovin’

31 Jul

The things I am lovin’ about summer:




All photographs were taken in Camas/Washougal today with my phone. đŸ™‚

If you want to join the photography challenge you can do so by following the link.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

29 Aug

The wordpress weekly photo challenge topic this week is Focus, I thought I better get around to showing some more of the photos from my camping trip to the Mount Adams National Forest area.

These photos were taken on a hike at Bird Creak Meadows near Trout Lake. I went on the trip with my Mom, Aunt, Uncle, and of course me children. I have to say that my focus was mostly on my children during the hike, but because I had three other adults I was able to spend a few beats taking photographs of the amazing scenery. We hiked through clouds of mosquitoes (I even ended up having to take benedryl that night due to the number of bites I had and the fact that I have slightly more reaction than the average bear) to a little picnic table that is now sunken down so much that the benches are basically on the ground. The view at the picnic table was amazing. The side of Mount Adams right there.

After a break for lunch we continued on over quite a bit of snow that was not the easiest to venture across with my 3 year old, but we made it. The overlook was situated on a cliff so much attention was paid to the kids, but the mountain view was amazing. As we ventured back down through the snow we discovered a field of flowers and took some time to take them in.

As we descended we were again met with mosquitoes, but they were worth it. The drive back down toward Trout Lake through the unpaved quite bumpy road took us through a forest that had been met with a forest fire a year or two ago. I don’t know if the fire allowed for a carpet of bear tail flowers to sprout up with abundance or if they always have done that here, but they were beautiful. I wish I had more time to stay and really think about how I was taking the photos of them, but instead I took the photos impulsively and urgently because the kids were waiting in the car with their Great Aunt.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companion

2 Jul


Discovery of many tiny caterpillars provided her with an afternoon of companionship. These caterpillar companions were entirely fascinating.

We are enjoying nature and summer here in Southwest Washington.

Sellwood Movie in the Park

7 Aug

Once again I went out and photographed the PDX kids calendar photo booth. It was a lot of fun and the evening was a perfect balance of warmth and clear skies (i.e. no rain and not blistering hot). These families were so cute trying on outfits. I love that so many of the parents were having fun letting their children dress them up.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

30 May

This weeks photo challenge topic is summer. Since it is not technically summer yet I am mostly looking to past photographs to help show you what makes me feel like it is summer.

Here are some of the things that I found that help me to feel like it is summer.

This is a photo that I took while sailing with my Aunt and Uncle on their boat on Seneca Lake. I have visited upstate New York almost every other year since I was born because most of my relatives live there. Taking to the lake on a sail boat is perfect in the hot and sticky summers that happen there.

In case you couldn’t tell, the next thing that tells me it is summer is a wedding. I loved this wedding in particular for a few reasons. First because this is a couple that has played a very important part in my life. Secondly, this couple spent a long time making sure that getting married was the right step for them so I know that they are very happy together and that getting married was a very good thing for them. The last reason is that I just loved that the Bride and Bride’s Maids all came in to the ceremony on canoe! How cool. Plus the entire wedding party ventured on a hike down a steep dusty path so they could take photos in front of a waterfall near by. So cool.

The last thing that tells me it is summer is a vegetable garden. Here is a picture of some kale from my raised beds.

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