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Portraits of a Nine Year Old in Portland

14 Nov Portrait photograph taken in Portland

Portrait in Portland Portraits in Portland, Oregon He didn't want his photograph taken Portrait in Portland, Oregon Portrait taken in fall in Portland, Oregon Portland, Oregon Portrait photography Portrait photograph taken in Portland

It has take a while for me to finally get around to taking my son’s nine year portrait photographs, but we finally did it despite is very clear protest. I really wanted a nice fall tree background so we headed down to Portland, Oregon near the airport to where I had seen a nice area of colorful trees recently.

Although my son did not want to cooperate we were able to catch a few portraits that will do. He tried hiding, climbing, making faces, and moving too much to get a clear photograph, but finally cooperated enough to satisfy this mamma and I am claiming victory and including this as my post for the weekly photography challenge!

Japanese Maple Tree: WPC Intricate

6 May

Camas Library Maple Tree

Japanese Maple at the Camas Library 2

Japanese Maple in Downtown Camas, Washtington

This week I am sharing a few photographs of a Japanese maple tree that is in Camas, Washington outside the public library. When the leaves were just coming out this spring I stopped by and took a photograph with my phone, but I liked it so much I really wanted to return and take a few photographs with my DLSR camera as well.

Maple tree Camas WA 2

I ended up not editing them right away, because I have been busy with my projects for Brasier Law, and now that I had time to edit them I am having to make do with software apps on an HP computer rather than my old trusty Apple. 😦 After 8 years my MacBook finally bit the dust and so I am readjusting and figuring out how to edit my photographs in different programs. I may end up going to back to Adobe here soon, but for now I am experimenting with some other programs. Nothing is comparing to good old photoshop elements so far.

Photograph Spring Maple Leave Downtown Camas, Washington

So anyway feel like this tree has so many intricacies that it really fit the bill for this weeks photography challenge from WordPress. The bark, the leaves, the colors, the sunlight, nature just really knows how to perform doesn’t it?

Anyway, happy hump day!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

6 Jun


Currently the Oregon Zoo is creating a much larger enclosure for their elephants. Today while I was there with my son’s school before opening hours we saw the elephants seeming to take some interest in the work going on.

It was interesting to think about if the elephants do find it interesting to watch, out if it is a misguidance to them because of the noise and the vibrations from the machines.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

28 Mar


For this photo challenge I am choosing to share some photographs I took while in Corning, NY this last fall during the government shutdown. I have the privileged of having a family that has always been very involved in expressing their political views. My Aunt, in particular, has been very involved in organizing and orchestrating various protests. She also was a part of the Christian Peacemaker Team in the Gaza Strip for many years. I have great respect for that work in particular that she has been involved in.


My Aunt on the left.

Needless to say, while I was in New York and the US Government decided it would be a good time to shut down, my Aunt and her friends decided they should stage a protest about the shutdown. She asked me to come with her to her building to help put a sign up from the roof. I decided that it would be a lot of fun to witness her in her element, not to mention I love being up on the top of roof of her two story downtown building. street1

She owns a building across the street from Congressman Tom Reed’s office, and so even though he was not in the office everyone agrees it is a great place to hang a banner to get his attention. The protest was scheduled for lunch time, and most of the people in attendance were either retired or workers using their lunch break to join the protest. street4

It was fun to see my Aunt in her element, and see how this small community works so hard to try and make a difference in the political system. My Aunt even reminded me that I took my first steps in the middle of a New York, NY street during a very very large protest, with Peter, Paul, and Mary playing in the background. street2You can join the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge (click the link).

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

19 Mar

This week I am sharing some photos taken with my phone. I have found that seeing flowers on the verge of opening up to the spring weather had been making me feel very happy and like escaping the inside to explore the world outside.

As I have been outside a lot more, with and without my children, I have been capturing the objects of my happiness as I see them revealing what is inside those tight little buds.

So here is my contribution to the challenge inside with a bit of phonography.


This photograph was taken from inside a parking garage in the Pearl district of Portland.


This photograph shows off the buds very nicely as well as the bloom itself now opened to show the inside opened up to the sunshine.


Last, a beautiful pink bloom.

I know a lot of the USA is still covered in snow, or experiencing winter weather, but here in Portland, Oregon my photography is starting to awaken to the spring again.  🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Three (2)

26 Feb

Wow, I can’t believe it! I got another set of three ready to post again this week. These are photos I took almost a year ago that I have many more to edit, and have been meaning to get around to for, well almost a year, ha ha ha.

A friend and I took a hike during flower season last spring at a place called Tom McCall Preserve. I did not realize how steep this hike is when we started out. I had gone to this place with my Mom and my kids a while back, but we stayed on a very flat trail. My friend was totally unprepared to go on such a difficult incline I suspect. However this is a hike that has more than enough breathtaking views to give you a break every step if you wanted to stop that often.

Starting out you are able to look out over the Columbia Gorge and a field of flowers. As you progress up the hill you start to see Mount Adams (I think) peeking up from the North. It soon is completely visible with the gorge situated in view as well.


Along the way you see Indian Paint brush, as well as flowers in purple, yellow, white, and greens. There are butterflies and birds. Plenty to feast your eyes on.


As you make a sudden turn around the bend nearing the vista we stopped at is the definite climax of the hike, where all of a sudden Mount Hood pops up to the West. Bam, seriously I made a huge gasp when I saw it.


Of course it was windy as heck once we made the plateau looking out over Mount Hood (it is the Gorge) so because we did not prepare well for our hike we did not stay an extraordinarily long time. It was a hike well worth it.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

13 Feb


My daughter and myself cuddling up on a very cold day.


Sailing during fall, while visiting my Grandparents in New York.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

6 Feb

Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

A bolt from the Lacamas Lake Dam bridge. Taken while walking with a friend teaching her about the basics of photography. 🙂 I really like objects with this aged element to them. I had a couple of pictures of this because I was demonstrating what different apertures can do to the lighting. This was my favorite I like the softer focus, but I did do a bit of post editing and played around a bit with the brightness, finally settling on a darker version of the picture.

It is getting cold here, but we are yet to have snow. My kids are still hoping for the snow though! I think coming up next I will share my pictures from a couple months ago when it was very cold. I spent so much time on editing and posting about Maine that I still haven’t gotten around to those icy pictures!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

30 Dec

This year for my kids Christmas photo shoot I set up a little hot cocoa treat, complete with really lovely marshmallows, and tasty and really special candy canes. This was a giant treat for the kids. I didn’t end up with pictures that really completed my vision, but they were fun to take and the kids were excited and full of joy during the whole thing.

Happy holidays!






Maine: Part 1

23 Dec


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I took these pictures on my recent trip to Maine. I went with my family who travels there yearly to catch the last days of fall travel in Bar Harbor. This year the National Parks were closed due to the non-functional National government so we got to experience things differently this year, or so I am told. It was my first trip and I had four days of camping, short hikes, and eating. It is a very strange thing to not have my kids along on a trip and not be in charge of organization or planning a day. It made me feel a bit like a kid again.

The views were beautiful and the weather was amazing. On this day we may or may not have walked on a closed forest road to get to a little beach my family calls pebble beach or stone beach, but they were not sure that was the real name. This beach is covered in rocks that get tumbled by the ocean and are very smooth. They feel great, and the sound of the waves washing over them and rolling back out to see is very relaxing. On the walk out to the beach we happened upon a beautiful bald eagle overlooking the ocean.

I am also fitting this post into the weekly photo challenge which is ONE, well there was one bald eagle, one stone, and one pear pictured in the photos for this post. I hope you enjoy them. 🙂


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