Super Hero Fun Run: Preview

19 Jul


This last weekend I had the pleasure of doing photography for PDX Kids Calendar. They are a great resource for families looking for all of the kid friendly happenings in the Portland area. They had a very fun booth set up for kids to do crafts and take photos at during this Super Hero Fun run.

I took tons of photos of the booth and activities they had set up. During the down time I was able to capture a few shots of the larger activity, the run.

I love this photo of Batman talking on the megaphone! Funny. He was the main “director” for the run, whenever an announcement had to be made he was the one to make it. He was also there promoting the new Batman movie.

I plan to share photos from the run itself as well as a few of those I took for PDX Kids Calendar so stayed tuned for more.

Sorry for the long interval between now and the last post things have been incredibly hectic around my house! Whew! Hopefully I will get more photos up soon. If you want a preview you can head over to the PDX Calendar site I think there is a link to the the photos I took for them there. đŸ™‚


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