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Rock Garden at Lewis & Clark College

28 Jun

Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon is a campus full of beauty, from the reflection pool with a view of Mt. Hood, to old stone carriage paths, and the beautiful manor house. Recently I was visiting my old alma mater while helping a friend photograph an engagement session and noticed they revamped an area with a beautiful rock garden. I of course had to return and photograph the flowers there.

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Symmetry Photograph: Weekly Photography Challenge

23 Feb Photograph of ivy, taken in Portland, Oregon at Lewis & Clark College

I fell behind, again! At least the weather is making things easy on me though. The flowers in my area are starting to go crazy and are popping up like it is spring not winter. Really, daffodils, plum blossoms, crocus,  and even my azaleas are coming out already. Needless to say I am much more inspired to have my camera with me while traveling through Camas or Portland so I can photograph things! So keep your eyes open for flower photographs in the next few weeks/months. 😉

Although this is late to the game, I actually did take this photograph to represent symmetry during the week of the symmetry photography challenge put on by wordpress post a day, but due to my work schedule (I manage the online side of my husband’s Portland and Vancouver family law firm, Brasier Law), being sick, the kids being sick, and my computer needing a system update I just could not take the time to get the photograph from the camera to here until now. So hopefully it was worth the wait! 😉

So without further ado a photographic representation of symmetry! 🙂

Photograph of ivy, taken in Portland, Oregon at Lewis & Clark College

This ivy leaf was found at Lewis & Clark College, in Portland, Oregon. I was searching for a good representation of symmetry and this caught me eye.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

21 Mar

Happy Friday everyone. I am looking forward to these weekend because I get to head to the Coast for a bit. Before I go I thought I would leave you with some photographs of flower. I took these last summer at Lewis & Clark College, where I attended college. I go running at Lewis & Clark every week and last summer I managed to arrive about an hour early.


I almost always find photography to be an outlet and time for reflection and for some reason being at my Alma mater really makes me start reflecting on the past ten years of my life since graduating. During my time at Lewis & Clark I had the privilege of going overseas to Kenya and Tanzania.


While I was there the Twin Towers and Pentagon were attacked. I have to say that reflecting back on that time, I can really see how lucky I was to be where I was during that attack.


I have a completely different perspective than most Americans about that event and the direction our country has taken since.

redandorangebloom4I like that I get to return to Lewis & Clark often and reflect on my time there and my life since.

beeeating1Have a wonderful weekend, I hope you find some time for reflection this weekend. 🙂 You can connect up with the WordPress weekly photo challenge also if you want to join in the fun. 🙂



Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines to Patterns

26 Sep

One of the things I enjoy about flowers is the leading lines they have that draw your eye toward the center of the flower. I figure that means they can fit the bill when it comes to a challenge about lines.

I took these photos at Lewis & Clark College which has a gorgeous campus that I had the pleasure of attending college at and now enjoy running at every week. When I arrive early for running I try and take a walk around campus and visit my old stomping grounds and occasionally I take my camera along as well.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

3 May

I have to admit these photographs are kind of old. However, they have never been published before now so I am using them anyway. While I was in college I was lucky enough to go on a fantastic overseas program with Lewis & Clark College to Kenya and Tanzania. We left at the beginning of September of 2001 and spent 2 weeks learning Swahili 8 hours a day in Kilifi, Kenya while taking side trips here and there. We were given the privilege of seeing a group of dancers and drummers. It was a lot of fun to watch and listen.


One of the things I really enjoyed while on the coast was watching the sun come up and the fishermen come out and set up their sail boats to fish. The light was always so great and the boats so beautiful.

startingthemorning  walkingtosail



Orange Poppies

6 Jun

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A few weeks ago while running at Lewis & Clark College (my Alma mater) I happened upon a patch of blue flowers which I decided were going to be the focus of my weekly photo challenge for topic of blue.

In the same patch of flowers there were also many different colors of poppies that I could not resist spending some time photographing. This is a part of a series of photographs from that day. You can see more in the post Poppies in Pink and in at least one more post to come on a future day so feel free to follow me so you don’t miss out on that one. 🙂

Do you like the pink poppies from the previous post or these orange ones better?

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