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The Bee’s Dance, a Lavender Photograph

18 Mar

This is my last post to reveal my new photographs available for sale that are up in my newest spring collection of lavender centric photographs. I saved my photograph of this bee dancing around the lavender for last because it happens to be my favorite capture in this collection.

Purchase here at Fine Art America


I spent the majority of my time chasing this bee, and a few others, around the lavender bushes to try and get a photograph of it getting nectar. The bees dance around the lavender so quickly that they are difficult to get into focus, and this day was abnormally warm for sunset so they did not seem to be slowing down as they sometimes do as it gets colder.

I find this bee to be beautiful especially with the yellow and orange in contrast to the purple lavender plant. I hope that you will check out my prints available for sale and please share this with your bee and flower loving friends.

Here is a link to the first post and here is one to the second post, but you can see all my photographs for sale currently here.


Weekly Photography Challenge: Achievement

19 Nov

A few weeks ago, during one of the first rain storms of the fall, I went to the Oregon coast with a good friend. We really wanted to find a hike to go on that neither one of us had done before.

Of course one of my personal favorite coastal hikes is Cascade Head, but we had both done that one the last time were at the beach staying in Neskowin, so we needed something new. We did some internet research and came upon a hike at Road’s End and decided it sounded like a good one to try.

We had trouble right from the start, the beginning of the trail was not so easy to find. We did see a couple of resident Road’s End hikers walking up a side street and stopped to ask them for directions. They obliged very kindly and pointed us further up the road.

We did make it to the trail head and tried our very best to follow their directions which were something like this. When you see the gravel hill it will look like you are not on a trail because it has not been kept up very well. Just stay to the right and you will be on the trail.

So we made it to a definite gravel hill, but things got a little tricky at that point and staying to the right would have meant climbing what looked like a rock slide, straight up the side of a vertical cliff. We figured our guides must have meant something a little different and finally decided on where the path must be and started making our way through the forest and then up the side of a grassy hill.

We finally made it to the top!

photograph Roads End hike

Road’s End did have a great view so I stopped to take a photograph in the rain, and enjoy the view, before we decided to hike back the way we came because we could not tell where the path continued.

Upon arriving back and the beginning of the trail we realized there was a fork in the path almost immediately that for some reason we had not seen when beginning our adventure. We realized almost immediately this had been the path to the right we should have taken. Oops! We had just hiked up the side of this large hill, through the forest, NOT on the trail.

If you want to join the WordPress Photography Challenge click here. 🙂

Tryon Creek: Part 2

7 May

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This is part two of my walk in Tryon Creek on April 7. These mushrooms were actually what made me walk back to my car and get my camera. When I started out there were a lot of people there because it was the weekend that the friends of Tryon Creek have their trillium festival and plant sale, so I was not sure that I would want to take pictures with so many people around to watch me do the weird things I do when I take pictures, like lie on the ground. I saw these mushrooms with the light coming through the ridges and really wanted to try and take photos of them so I went back to the car and got my camera and then let people think I am weird. I mean really I probably am right? So why not let everyone know it. 😉

Check back soon for the pictures of the trillium. To see part one click here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

3 Aug

Ugh sorry I am so behind on these! Here is my dream post…mostly because I had been really wanting to stop on the 205 bridge going over the Columbia and photograph Mt Hood for a long time, I day dreamed about it whenever there was a sunset or really great dark clouds with evening sun. I finally just stopped and took a few photos, from the inside of my car (windows open) because I was kind of scared to get out. Maybe at some point I will walk across the pedestrian part of the bridge and take photos but it runs through the middle of the bridge so I think cars would be in any shots I could take 😦

Red, White, and Blue

19 Jun

These are the two final photos I will post from this series of poppies that I took after running at Lewis & Clark College.

I hope you enjoy them! Weekly Photo Challenge Photo coming soon!

Picture Perfect

7 Feb

Since I do not have a studio space I shoot pictures of people in the space that I have available. That maybe a park or a hiking trail, or a living room. I love that in the spaces I can get a photograph of the person in a space that they can enjoy themselves in and be spontaneous. Usually the photographs that are not posed end up being my favorites. They are the ones that years later still hold interest for me.

The unposed photographs are the ones that tell a real story about who these people are and what the real moments are.

Here are some recent photographs both posed and not.

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For more pictures of people see this page.

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